Salesforce FAQs

What is included in the next incremental backup after the Salesforce object metadata changes?

When the Salesforce object metadata changes, the software includes the entire object in the next incremental build.

What are the approximate number of API calls that are made for data protection?


API call Details

Bulk API

The total number of objects that support the Bulk API interface *3.

For each object, there is a Bulk query request + Bulk status check + Bulk result fetch.


The total number of objects + an API call for each 2000 records for objects that do not support the Bulk interface.

SOAP query request + (SOAP query more request)


The total number of blob objects.

Rest file download request + (If failure, +1 * no of retries) Metadata API = 1

Does the Commvault interface support the Salesforce production and sandbox organizations?


How do I find my Salesforce Token?

For additional information about Salesforce tokens, go to the Reset Your Security Token Salesforce Knowledge Base page, http://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=user_security_token.htm.

Why do I see a different application size from the Salesforce Usage Report?

For most objects, Salesforce calculates the data usage by multiplying the record size (2 KB) by the number of records. The Commvault software uses the actual physical size of the object so you may see a different size from Salesforce. For more information, go to the What are the various record sizes Knowledge Base page, https://help.salesforce.com/apex/htviewsolution?id=000193871&language=en_US.

Does the Commvault software support backups of Salesforce big objects?

No, it is not supported.

How does the software back up encrypted data?

If the user that is configured for the backups has the Salesforce "view encrypted data" permission, then the Commvault software can back up the correct data, otherwise the software backs up the masked data which is incorrect.

Make sure that the user who performs the backup operations, has the Salesforce "view encrypted data" permission

Certain types of restores that contain encrypted data, for example single-record, require the Salesforce "view encrypted data" permission.

Note: To avoid security issues, make sure that the users who perform backup and restore operations on encrypted Salesforce data are the appropriate people to have the Salesforce "view encrypted data" permission.

Does Commvault support backups of knowledge articles?

Yes. In order to ensure a successful backup, perform the following administration in Salesforce.

Allow the user that is associated with the backup set to have access to the knowledge objects. For information, go to the Salesforce site, Knowledge Article Access.

Does the Commvault software skip any objects in the backup?

Yes. The Commvault software skips some objects because of Salesforce API restrictions. For information, see Salesforce Objects That Are Not Included in Backups.

If an object query fails, the Commvault software skips that object and provides an event.

Does the Commvault software support backups that include private chatter messages and direct messages?

Yes. The backup set user must have the Manage Chatter Messages and Direct Messages permissions.

Does the Commvault software back up calculated fields?

No, the software excludes calculated fields from backups.

Why are content files not fully downloaded?

There is a Salesforce API issues that causes files that have a size that is in the hundreds of MBs to not fully download. Jobs that involve these files display an event that shows 'DISK_WRITE_INTEGRITY_CHECK_FAILED’ or a similar message.

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