Backup Copy Schedule Options

The schedule options for a backup copy schedule policy.

Backup Copy Options

When adding a backup copy schedule, you can select any of the following options:

  • Number of simultaneous jobs to run

    Select the value for the number of backup copy operations to run in parallel.

    • No of jobs to run

      Select the maximum number of jobs to run in parallel.

    • Allow maximum

      Select to allow the maximum number of jobs to run in parallel based on resources.

  • Start new media

    If selected and removable media (tape) is being used on a secondary copy, the current active media is marked as full and a new media is used for the operation .

    If cleared, the operation automatically uses the current active media or volume.

  • Mark media full on success

    Select to mark the media used for the operation as full after the operation is successfully completed.

Schedule Pattern

Add a schedule pattern to run the operation based on a variety of criteria.

  • Name

    The name of the schedule pattern as it appears in the schedule policy.

  • Frequency

    The frequency option contains different types of schedules based on the criteria you want to use to schedule the operation.

    The following frequency options are supported for this schedule type:

Last modified: 8/14/2018 7:30:43 PM