Data Verification Schedule Options

The schedule options for a data verification schedule policy.

  • Source MediaAgent

    Select the MediaAgent to use to run the data verification operation.

  • Run incremental verification

    Use this option to verify the deduplicated data blocks that are newly added or data blocks that are not verified during the last data verification job.

Data Verification Options

When adding a data verification schedule, you can select any of the following options:

  • Verification of deduplication database

    Verifies only the unique data blocks and completes an integrity check on the disk against the data on the deduplication database (DDB).

  • Quick verification of deduplication database

    Verifies the existence of unique data blocks and whether they are consistent with the data blocks metadata available on the disk. You cannot select this option if Run incremental verification is selected.

  • Verification of existing jobs on disk and deduplication database

    Verifies all the deduplicated jobs (unique data blocks and all references to the blocks) on the disk with the deduplication database (DDB) and on the CommServe database.

  • Reclaim idle space on mountpath(s) with no drill hole capability

    Reclaim space by deleting invalid or orphaned blocks of data. You cannot select this option if Run incremental verification is selected.

    • Reclamation level

      Select the level of reclamation to be done. On the slider the numbers indicate the percentage of unused data blocks that can be defragmented.

      • 1 is equal to 80% (Least aggressive reclamation, low I/O on the disk)
      • 2 is equal to 60%
      • 3 is equal to 40%
      • 4 is equal to 20% (Most aggressive reclamation, higher I/O on the disk)
  • Number of readers/ Number of streams to be used in parallel

    Select the value for the number of readers or streams to use at the same time for the operation.

    • Number of streams

      Select the maximum number of parallel data streams to use for the operation.

    • Allow Maximum

      Select to allow the maximum number of parallel data streams for the operation based on the resources in your environment.

Schedule Pattern

Add a schedule pattern to run the operation based on a variety of criteria.

  • Name

    The name of the schedule pattern as it appears in the schedule policy.

  • Frequency

    The frequency option contains different types of schedules based on the criteria you want to use to schedule the operation.

    The following frequency options are supported for this schedule type:

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