Considerations for NAS Cluster-Mode Clients

Before adding a NAS Cluster-Mode client, consider the following:

  • For NetApp Cluster-Mode storage servers running ONTAP versions prior to 8.2, NDMP backups can only be performed on volumes that are located on the same physical node as the client. Therefore, for this configuration we recommend adding the physical nodes as NAS clients.
  • For NetApp Cluster-Mode cluster file servers or Vservers running ONTAP version 8.2 or above, we recommend turning off node-scope-mode on the cluster and adding Vservers and/or the cluster as NAS clients. Turning off node-scope-mode is necessary to enable NDMP backups to function independently of which physical node contains the backup data, and Vserver and cluster clients can backup data from any of the physical nodes and perform backups if data is moved between physical nodes. See NetApp ONTAP documentation for how to turn off node-scope-mode.

    Note: If node-scope-mode is enabled on a cluster:

    • Vservers can only backup data on volumes that are on the same node as the Vserver logical interface (LIF) used for the client host name.
    • The Vserver NDMP login and password is the same as the node NDMP login and password.
  • To enable backups to tape drives attached to physical nodes of a NAS Cluster-Mode client, the physical node to which the tape drives are attached must be a NAS client. To add a physical node as a NAS client when node-scope-mode is off, the NDMP credentials are the same as the cluster client.
  • A cluster client has access to all of the tape drives on all of the physical nodes and can best ensure local two-way NDMP backups are run using the NDMP Cluster-Aware-Backup (CAB) extension. Vserver clients will also run local NDMP backups using the CAB extension, but only if the backup paths are on the same physical node with the tape drive. If the tape drive is not on the same node as the backup data, data will be passed between the nodes within the cluster (three-way NDMP backup).
  • For backups to libraries on a MediaAgent, cluster and Vserver clients will both use the CAB extension to prevent data from being passed within the cluster before being sent to the MediaAgent.

Last modified: 7/31/2018 8:17:30 PM