Getting Started with Amazon RDS Oracle

To get started, you need to configure the following clients in the CommCell Console:

  • A MediaAgent
  • A proxy server
  • An Amazon RDS virtualization client

Step 1: Before You Begin

Step 2: Install the MediaAgent

You must install a MediaAgent. For more information, see MediaAgent Installations.

Step 3: Create a Proxy Client

  1. Create a UNIX client. For more information, see Creating a Proxy Client for Amazon RDS Protection.
  2. Install, and then configure the Oracle Agent software on the proxy client computer. For more information, see Configuring the Oracle Agent Software on the Amazon RDS Proxy Client.
  3. For enhanced performance, configure an Amazon EC2 instance on the proxy server. For more information, see Performing the Amazon Configuration for the Amazon RDS Proxy Server.

Step 4: Initial CommCell Console Configuration

  1. Open the CommCell Console.
  2. Configure a storage device.
  3. Create a storage policy.

Step 5: Configure the Amazon RDS Virtualization Client

  1. Create a virtualization client.
  2. Add the Oracle Agent software to the virtualization client. For more information, see Adding the Commvault Database Agent to the Amazon RDS Virtualization Client.
  3. Add an Oracle instance. For more information, see Creating an Amazon RDS for Oracle Instance.
  4. Create a logical subclient. For more information, see Creating an Amazon RDS for Oracle Logical Subclient.
  5. Optional: Decide whether to add the following functionality:

Step 6: Run the First Backup Operation and Restore Operation

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