Discover Media - Overview

Before using a new media, the MediaAgent must collect certain information about it through a process known as discovery. When a media has been discovered its information is entered into the CommServe database. The media information is permanently retained; media does not have to be rediscovered if it is exported from the library and re-imported.

If new media are imported through a library’s mail slot, the import operation triggers a discover operation. This is dependent on whether you have enabled or disabled the Enable Auto-Discover option for the library. (For more information on this option, see Library Properties - Media tab.)

  • If the automatic discovery option is not enabled, the system will prompt you to provide the necessary details for the media.
  • If the automatic discovery option is enabled, the system discovers the media during a subsequent inventory update triggered by a job from the CommCell.

If the automatic discovery option is not enabled for the library and if you have some undiscovered media from a previous import, or if you import new media by opening the library door and inserting them, you must initiate a discover operation.

Media can be discovered from both the Expert Storage Configuration window and the CommCell Browser.

Related Alert

You can generate a 'Media Inventory' alert when an inventory operation completes successfully or completes with errors or if an inventory operation fails, fails to start, or is killed by a user. Refer to Media Inventory for a list of Available Alerts.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:26:50 PM