Update Media Barcodes - Overview

The ability to update barcodes associated with the media ensures that the data available in the media is accessible. There are several situations in which the barcode may have to be renamed in order to read the data available in the library. For example:

  • When a libraries firmware is upgraded, or when a hardware is replaced a different barcode pattern may apply.

    In such cases, the system  automatically updates the media barcodes if the Automatically update barcodes on firmware changes option is enabled in the Advanced tab of the Library Properties.  (See Automatically update barcodes on firmware changes for more information.)

If this option is disabled, and the barcodes are changed after a firmware upgrade all existing media, including media with data and spare media will be marked as exported and a new set of media (with new barcodes) will be listed inside the library. In this situation, you must  update the barcodes as described in Manually Updating Media Barcodes after a Firmware Upgrade.

The system provides the ability to

  • Rename the barcodes in bulk for all the media or selected media in a library, or
  • Rename the barcode associated with an individual media

Note: To update the barcodes on libraries with mixed media, such as LTO5 and LTO6, use the UpdateBarcodeRange Qscript. For more information on this Qscript, see the readme for UpdateBarcodeRange.

Last modified: 10/16/2018 6:45:39 AM