IBM i File System Agent DR Subclient Properties (Advanced Options)

Configure the advanced options for an IBM i File System DR subclient.

Save access path

Specify whether to save the logical file paths that are dependent of the physical files that are being saved.


    Have the QSAVACCPTH system value determine whether to save the logical file access paths that are dependent on the physical files that are being saved.

  • *NO

    Only save the objects that are specified on the command line. This option does not save the logical file access paths.

  • *YES

    Save the specified physical files, and all the eligible logical file access paths that are above them

Backup library objects

Select each check box to include the objects in the backup.

Note: These are only applicable for a library file system.

  • Spooled file data(SPLFDATA)

    Save the output queue and all the spooled file data on the output queue.

  • Queue data (QDATA)

    Save the queue contents and queue description.

  • Save security data

Save the security data (User profiles, Authorization lists, Authority holders) along with SAVSYS during DR backup.

  • Save configuration objects

    Save the configuration objects along with SAVSYS during DR backup.

Print system information

Selecting the check box, Print System Information (PRTSYSINF) command will be executed with the system information that should be maintained for disaster recovery and system verification purposes. A record of the contents of your system, such as how your system is customized and what libraries it contains, is important to your upgrade success because the information helps you do Plan your upgrade procedures, Evaluate the success of moving information and Perform disaster recovery, if necessary.

Libraries to backup with DR backup

This is an optional field. Add the library path that is absolutely necessary for recovering the OS.

Add library(ies) paths of system ASP to the backup along with DR backup. For example, to backup a library “MYSYSLIB”, use library path as “/QSYS.LIB/MYSYSLIB.LIB”.

Adding a path with tailing "*" for library name is supported. For example, to backup all the libraries starting with library name “SYSAPP”, use “/QSYS.LIB/SYSAPP*.LIB”

Note: Size and restricted state backup duration will be increase by including more library paths. Object level paths or Filters are not applicable for these library paths.

  • Delete

    Click to delete the selected path from the Contents list for this subclient.

  • Browse

    Browse for new content that you want to add to this subclient.

  • Add Paths

    Enter the paths to the content that you want to include in the backup.

    You must enter the path in the UNIX format.

    Each library path must be on a new line.

  • Edit Paths

    Edit existing content paths.

Last modified: 10/4/2018 12:02:44 PM