Creating VM Clients

You can use a command-line operation to execute a discovery operation for a subclient. The command returns a list of discovered VMs and creates a client for each VM in the CommCell Browser.

Before You Begin

  • Log on to the CommServe host using qlogin command. For instructions, see Qlogin.


  1. Download the create_vm_clients.xml file to the computer where you will run the command.
  2. Open the create_vm_clients.xml file, change parameter values as needed, and save the file.
  3. On the command line, go to the <Software_Installation_Directory>/Base folder, and type the following command:

    qoperation execute -af 'create_vm_clients.xml'

The command returns the list of discovered VMs. If you specified 1 as the value for the createClientsForDiscoveredVms parameter, the command also creates clients for each discovered VM.


The following table describes the XML parameters for this command:


Description of Parameter Values


Name of the virtualization client.


0 - Do not create VM clients

1 - Create VM clients


Name of the Virtual Server instance (for example, VMware).


Name of the subclient.

Related Topics

For more information on command line parameters and XML elements, see Command Line - Syntax.

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