Health Report

The Health Report contains information about the overall wellness of the CommCell environment in interactive tiles. The tiles contain information such as the status of backup operations according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA), the most recent installed versions of Commvault software, and disaster recovery settings.

Each tile contains the category, the description, and the severity of the problem, and might contain recommendations to fix the problem. Some tiles contain workflows that you can run to fix problems.

The Health Report contains the following information:

  • Version and Service Pack tile: Use this tile to install new software, such as hotfixes.
  • Disaster Recovery Backup tile: Use this tile to configure disaster recovery settings or to start a disaster recovery job.
  • Summary information about the CommCell environment, including the status of backup operations over the last 30 days, Service Level Agreement (SLA), and disaster recovery settings.
  • Capacity information, such as the amount of space that is available on mount paths and on disk libraries.
  • Value assessment and efficiency of the CommCell environment, such as the percentage of subclients with long running backup jobs, the percentage of subclients with long running restore jobs, and the percentage of subclients that are protected over the network and use source side deduplication.

Last modified: 9/6/2019 2:40:48 PM