Deploying the Commvault MediaAgent

From AWS Marketplace, you can deploy an AWS instance from the Commvault Media Agent - BYOL Edition AMI. The resulting Linux instance serves as a Linux proxy and as a File Recovery Enabler for Linux. The AMI contains all of the components that are required to support Linux operations in the Commvault environment.

This AMI is supported for Service Pack 13 or a more recent service pack.

Before You Begin

Identify the host name or IP address of the CommServe host.


  1. Launch an instance using the AMI in AWS Marketplace.
  2. Log on to the new instance using your EC2 user credentials.
  3. Switch to root user.
  4. From the /opt/commvault_image/UnixCustomPackage/pkg folder, run cvpkgadd.

    The installation wizard opens.

  5. Provide the required information in the wizard.

When the wizard completes, the instance is configured as a VSA proxy and MediaAgent that can connect to the CommServe host.

Last modified: 1/29/2019 8:05:34 PM