Creating an Exchange Mailbox Client for the Journal Mailbox After the Index Sever Limit is Reached

If you have reached the Exchange Mailbox Agent index server limit, it is recommended that you create a new Exchange Mailbox client.

This procedure is applicable if the existing Exchange client is only protecting the Journal Mailbox backup set.

Before You Begin


  1. Create a new Exchange Mailbox client and point it to the new index server. For more information, see Configurations for the Exchange Mailbox Agent Journal Mailbox.

    Note: Use the same access nodes.

  2. Create a new shared location for job results directory. For more information, see Information You Need to Create an Exchange Mailbox Client.

    Note: Use the same Exchange Service Account

  3. Discover the Journal mailbox and assign the journal policy and the retention policy to the mailbox. For more information see, Configurations for the Exchange Mailbox Agent Journal Mailbox Subclient.
  4. Enable archive, cleanup and content indexing schedules for the new Exchange Mailbox client.

Last modified: 3/28/2019 9:34:15 PM