Creating an Exchange Mailbox Client for the ContentStore Mailbox After the Index Sever Limit is Reached

If you have reached the Exchange Mailbox Agent index server limit, it is recommended that you create a new Exchange Mailbox client.

This procedure is applicable if the existing Exchange client is only protecting the ContentStore mailbox backup set.

Before You Begin


  1. Create a new Exchange Mailbox client and point it to the new index server.

    Note: Use the same access node and service account.

  2. Stop ContentStore mail services on the access node and reset the mailbox.

    Note: Journal messages will not be delivered to access node as ContentStore mail services are stopped.

  3. From the command prompt, reset the ContentStore mailbox: smtpgateway.exe -resetmailbox contentstoremailboxname

    Example: <software installation path>\ContentStore\ImapServer> SMTPGateway.exe -resetmailbox journal

  4. Select the new Exchange Mailbox client and create the ContentStore mailbox with same information as the old ContentStore mailbox. Assign journal policy, retention policy, and the access node to the new Exchange Mailbox client proxy server list. For more information see, Adding a Mailbox to the ContentStore Mailbox Subclient.
  5. Start services on th access node.
  6. Enable archive, cleanup, and content indexing schedules for the new Exchange Mailbox client.
  7. Repeat steps 2-5 and add all the access nodes to the new Exchange Mailbox. (Right click ContentStore mailbox -> Access node).

Note: Perform the above steps for each access node one at a time, so that the other access nodes continue to receive messages.

Last modified: 3/28/2019 9:35:03 PM