Data Verification FAQ

How can a lost mount path be skipped while running a data verification job?

The data verification will not run successfully if a mount path is lost. However, you can follow the steps in the sequence listed  to mark the records bad for a lost mount path to allow the data verification job to run.

  1. Create a duplicate volume on a disk with the exact folder structure as that of the lost mount path.
  2. Use the CreateMountPathLabel tool to add the same mount path labels that were there in the old mount path. See, Predefined Workflow - Create Mount Path Labels.
  3. Use the SetMountPathProperties Qscript to set the particular mount path as permanently offline for the library. See, Available Qscripts.
  4. From the CommCell Console run the Deduplication database data verification job. See Verifying the Deduplicated Data.


The DDB data verification job will mark the records bad for the lost mount path and continue the verification process for the valid mount paths.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 4:45:21 PM