Committing Silo Backup Jobs by Using the Kill Option

Deprecated: The archive data for cold storage on tape using deduplication (Silo) feature is deprecated.

See End-of-Life, Deprecated and Extended Support - Features for comprehensive information on deprecated features.

You can use the Kill option to interrupt and commit silo backup jobs when the job is in progress. When the Kill option is used, it terminates the silo backup job and commits the data in the silo storage making it available at that point in time.

For example, if the backup job must transfer 10 volumes to silo storage and you choose to run the Kill operation while transferring volume 6, the first five volumes transferred to silo storage are committed, and the job is successfully completed. The next backup job to Silo Storage will start from volume 6.


  • From the CommCell Browser, in the Job Controller window, right-click the silo backup job and click Kill.


The job status might change to Interrupt Pending for a few moments while the operation completes. When the operation is complete, the job status changes to Complete.

Last modified: 5/31/2019 6:09:42 PM