Deduplication Database Hardware Refresh

You can change the location of the partition(s) of active or sealed DDB on the existing MediaAgent to a temporary location. This is useful in the following scenario:

  • The disk hosting the DDB has to be upgraded to a high-performing disk storage media and the drives are currently unavailable.

Before You Begin

Before changing the location of the active deduplication database (DDB) make sure that:

  • No DDB backup or DDB reconstruction jobs are running to the storage policy copy that is associated with the DDB move.
  • Ensure that you have adequate space on the temporary location and on the new disk hosting the DDBs.


  1. Log on to the MediaAgent computer on which the DDB is hosted.
  2. Stop all MediaAgent services.

    For instructions, see Stopping a Service.

  3. Ensure that there is no SIDB process running on the MediaAgent.
    • For Windows, verify from the Windows Task Manager - Processes tab.
    • For Linux, run the commvault list command.
  4. Copy all the content of the DDB (CV_SIDB folder and icl_label.txt file) to a temporary folder.

    Make sure that permissions on the files or folders are also copied.

    Note: Make a note of the drive letter where the DDB is located. This is required later to recreate the volume on the upgraded disk with the same drive letter.

  5. Upgrade the disk with a new storage media, such as SSD (solid state drive).
  6. Recreate the volume on the upgraded disk with the same drive letter.
  7. Copy the DDB content (CV_SIDB folder and icl_label.txt file) from the temporary location to the upgraded disk.
  8. Start all services.

    For instructions, see Starting a Service.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 7:33:07 PM