Microsoft SharePoint Requirements for Application-Aware Backups

For Microsoft SharePoint, you can perform application-aware backups from a VSA subclient, then recover granular data by performing mining from a SQL Server database client that is associated with the SharePoint application.

During the first application-aware backup, application plug-ins for SQL Server are installed for virtual machines that run SQL Server to support SharePoint.

Note: The targets for application-aware backups are the SQL Server databases that support SharePoint operations (SharePoint server farm), not the web servers that serve SharePoint data to users.

After a SharePoint plug-in is installed as part of an application-aware backup, set SharePoint Timer service account information in the SharePoint server properties.

SharePoint Version Requirements

  • For Windows VMs running SQL Server to support Microsoft SharePoint, ensure that the following requirements are met:
    • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or 2013.
    • SQL Server 2008 R2 or 2012.
    • Configure a subclient that points to a virtual machine running a SQL Server configuration database that supports SharePoint operations.

      Note: Application-aware backups set up a maximum of two SharePoint web servers that provide front ends for SharePoint operations. Any additional SharePoint web servers that point to the same configuration database are ignored.

License Requirements

An Application Class 1 license is required for the initial installation and configuration of application plug-ins. After the initial configuration is complete, application-aware backups release the Application Class 1 license and consume Application Class Virtual licenses instead.

Application Credentials

To perform backups and restores for SQL Server databases that support SharePoint operations, SQL sysadmin rights are required.

Subclient Configuration

For application-aware backups of Microsoft SharePoint, the subclient content must be a virtual machine running a SQL Server configuration database that supports SharePoint operations.

Last modified: 11/11/2019 7:32:06 PM