Adjust the Size of the IBM i File System Agent Connection Queue

The service program on the IBM i File System Agent client waits for proxy requests to perform backups, restores, or other tasks. Connections remain in the connection queue until they are processed. When there are many requests that come to the client (for example, a multi-stream backup job), the queue can become full. Connections that do not get into the queue are dropped.

Use this procedure to increase the size of the connection queue.

The CVLIB/CVCNF command is included in the IBM i File System Agent client installation. You can use this command to configure the Commvault software parameters to work with the IBM i File System Agent file system.


  1. On the IBM i File System Agent host, from the 5520 terminal, type CALL PGM(CVLIB/CVCNF) to start the CVLIB/CVCNF command.
  2. On the initial screen select the Base option (1) to set the properties.
  3. Select the listenQueue option (2) and then type the new queue size.
  4. Type q to return to the previous menu and then exit the program.
  5. The changes take effect after the services restart. For information on how to restart the services, see How do I restart the Commvault Services on an IBM i File System Agent machine.

Last modified: 2/27/2018 7:58:17 PM