Quick Start Guide - What to Do Next

We recommend that you further explore and set up your CommCell.

  1. Perform basic CommCell configuration.
    1. Open the CommCell Console. For instructions, see Open the CommCell Console.
    2. From the CommCell Console ribbon, on the Home tab, click Getting Started.
    3. In the Getting Started pane, click the links to set up your CommCell.
  2. Install and configure new clients in the CommCell.

    Install agent software on the computers where you need to protect data. For example, if you want to protect Microsoft SQL databases in your organization, you must install and configure the SQL Server Agent software on the computers where the databases reside.

    The most common method to install agents on a computer is to perform the installation from the CommCell Console, also known as remote installation. For more information, see Installing Commvault Software Remotely Using the CommCell Console.

  3. Plan for a disaster and how to recover your CommCell and your data.

    For more information, see CommCell Disaster Recovery.

Last modified: 7/26/2018 8:34:36 PM