Database Duplication for Oracle

You can duplicate databases from backups, or from an active database to the same or a new host.

A duplicate database is a copy or a subset of the target database and has a unique database identifier (DBID). It is independent of the primary database and can be registered in the same recovery catalog as the primary database.

Create a duplicate database for testing or demonstrations.

When you duplicate a database from an active database, no backup is required. The duplicate database is a copy of the current data on the target database.

The duplicate database can be on the same or different host and must have a configured instance.

When you duplicate a database, you can configure the software to mask the data on the destination. For more information, see Oracle Data Masking.

You can create a duplicate database without connecting to the target database (targetless clone) when:

  • The target database is on a different network than the destination database
  • The target database is unreachable (for example, in a disaster recovery scenario)

Important: Install Oracle patch 21900992 before you duplicate the database without connecting to the target database so that the operation does not time out at the end of the operation.

Last modified: 5/20/2019 4:04:13 PM