Changing the PostgreSQL Binary Directory

The PostgreSQL Binary Directory path may change when you upgrade the PostgreSQL Server version and retain the existing instance on which you are performing backup and recovery operations. In such cases, you can use the following steps to update or change the PostgreSQL Binary Directory path. Make sure to avoid using special characters such as slash(/), underscore(_), and spaces in the binary directory path.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to <Client> | PostgreSQL.
  2. Right-click the <Instance>, and then click Properties.
  3. In the Binary Directory box, type the path to the Binary directory. Alternatively, click Browse to select the path. The PostgreSQL Binary Directory is generally located under the PostgreSQL install directory.


    For Windows, the path would be similar to  C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.2\bin

    For Unix, the path would be similar to /opt/PostgreSQL/9.2/bin

  4. Click OK.

Last modified: 10/2/2018 3:41:48 PM