Backing Up Sybase Transaction Logs to a Disk

Run transaction log backups without a CommServe connection to reduce the CommServe load and to decrease the total number of jobs that run simultaneously.

A Sybase full backup will be converted to a transaction log backup when log dumps are found on the disk. The software starts a full backup automatically after the transaction log backup completes.

In a multiple stream scenario, the number of streams that the software uses for a transaction log backup to disk is less than or equal to the number of streams that you configured in the subclient properties in the CommCell Console.

Note: A Sybase step-by-step restore is not supported for transaction log backup to disk.

Before You Begin

Use additional settings to define the staging directory that log dumps are placed in. When you set this additional setting, the log dump and a metadata file that contains the database name, the timestamp and stripe information are placed in this directory.

You can define an additional setting so that all Sybase instances use the same directory.

  1. To the Sybase client, add the additional setting as shown in the following table.

    For instructions on how to add additional settings from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

    Note: If you have both levels set, the additional setting that is set for the instance takes precedence over the generic setting.




    • To specify the path for all Sybase instances, in the Name box, type sDiskDumpDir.
    • In cases where you have multiple Sybase instances that need to use separate directories, set an additional setting for each Sybase instance, in the Name box, type <sybaseServerName>_sDiskDumpDir.

      For example, to set the path for Sybase serverS155syb4, in the Name box, type S155syb4_sDiskDumpDir






    The directory path.

    Note: The directory_path must be the full path name.



  2. Create the disk dump using the following command:

    dump transaction <dbName> to 'SybGalaxy:: -disk' with blocksize=[blocksize]




    The Sybase database name


    The size of the Sybase data blocks

Single Stream Example:

Multiple Stream Example:


  1. Run a CommCell Console transaction log backup.


After the job completes and the software finds the log dumps on the disk, the software then backs up the transaction log backups that were dumped on the disk in the next CommCell Console transaction log backup (a full backup converts to a transaction log backup. After the CommCell Console transaction log backup completes, the software deletes the dumped logs.

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