Installing the Web Console and the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP) on the Computer in the Perimeter Network

Important: The ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP) is a component that is installed when you install the Exchange package. After you install the Exchange package, you set up the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP).

In this topic:

  • Statements about installing the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP) refer to the process of installing the Exchange package, and then setting up the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP).
  • Statements about the computer where the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP) is installed refer to the computer where the Exchange package is installed.

When you install the Web Console and the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP), use local port number 8403. This port is used by the CommServe computer to open tunnel connections to the computer in the perimeter network.

After you install these components, you must push the network settings on the computer in the perimeter network.

Before You Begin

Make sure that any required prerequisites have been met before you install these components. See ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP).


  1. Install and configure the Installing the Command Center.
  2. Install the Exchange package and configure the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP).

    Make sure that you use the same client name that you used when you created the placeholder client.

  3. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers.
  4. Right-click the computer that is in the perimeter network, and then click All Tasks > Push Network Configuration.

    A message appears that warns you that all clients and client groups that communicate with this computer must be configured.

  5. Click Continue.

What to Do Next

Configure access to the Web Server.

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