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Run Offline Archive

Schedule Offline Archive

Run Offline Archive

  1. From the Notes Client mailbox, navigate to the Local copy of the mailbox.
  2. From the Actions menu item, click Change Offline Archive Options.
  3. Enter the number of days you wish to keep the mails in the local stub cache database in the Pruning threshold (in days) box.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Yes.
  6. The messages that meet the archiving criteria together with the number of days set in the Pruning threshold (in days) box will be saved to local stub cache database.
  7. Once the mails have been archived a new Mailbox stub cache database will be created in the same location where you have the local database.

    While using local mail database copy, emails that have met the archiving criteria will be available for restore from the local stub cache database. For all other restores user the server copy.

Schedule Offline Archive

To schedule the offline archive jobs, you need to create and enable few additional settings on the client computer.

In the client computer, create the following additional settings.

Additional Settings




0 and 1

To schedule and run the offline archive jobs in the background, create this setting and set the value to 1.


1 to 30

Create this setting to set the number of frequency for running the background offline archive jobs.

To run the job everyday, set the value as 1. To run it once every week, set the value as 7. To run the job monthly once, set the value as 30. If you try to set the value greater than 30 or smaller than 1, then the value is automatically set to 30 or 1 respectively.


0 to 4294967295

This additional setting keeps a count on the number of times the offline archive job runs in the background. It automatically updates its value each time the job runs.


0 to 23

Create this setting and set the value from 0 to 23 to indicate the of hour at which the offline archive job should attempt to run in the background. For example, if you set the value at 0, then the job attempts to run at midnight.

Every time you change the value of nTIMETORUN, set the value of nLASTRAN to 0, else the offline archive job will not run.

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