Defining the Oracle Archive Data Retention

This task applies to the subclient on the production database.

Data is retained in the archive database and on the storage media. The data retention can be different for the archive database and the storage media.

A synthetic FULL job will not copy the jobs to the storage media for which the media retention met.

After the archive database retention time is met, the data is dropped from the archive database, the space is reclaimed. The archived data remains on the media.

When the storage media retention time expires, a synthetic FULL job drops the tables when copying the data.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > Oracle >instance.
  2. Right-click the archive_subclient and click Properties.

    The Subclient Properties dialog box is displayed.

  3. On the Archive Options tab, under Data Retention Settings:
    1. In the Archive Tables box, type the number of days to retain the data on the archive database .
    2. In the Media box., type the number of days to retain the data on the storage media.
  4. Click OK.


If the media retention is set to 10 years, then a synthetic full job will not copy the archive jobs to the storage media which are older than 10 years.

Last modified: 9/5/2018 2:20:32 PM