Changing the Index Server for the Exchange Mailbox Agent

If you need to replace the client that performs the role as the index server, you must perform the procedure in a specific order to transfer the current index to the new client.


  1. Create the new index server.
  2. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > Exchange Mailbox client.
  3. Right-click the agent, and then click Properties.

    The Exchange Mailbox Properties dialog box appears.

  4. On the General tab, select the new index server from the Index Server list.
  5. Click OK.

    A message appears that tells you that the index will be reconstructed.

  6. Click Yes.
  7. To see when the reconstruction job is complete, on the index server, open the IndexServer.log that is located in the software_installation/ContentStore/Log Files folder.

    When the reconstruction is complete, you will see the following strings in the log file:

    IdxExchangeApp::SubmitCommitChunk() - CommitChunk
    IdxLuceneApp::CommitJob() - Finished playing all log files, doing job end processing
    IdxLuceneApp::CommitJob() - Job end processing done

    If the reconstruction was successful, you should see messages that were archived before and after you changed the index server.

Last modified: 7/6/2018 2:38:27 PM