Select Virtual Machines for Backup with VMware Plug-In

You can browse and manually select virtual machines or any other vCenter objects for backup. You can select objects, such as Datacenter, Cluster, resource pool, and vApp, folder. When you select a vCenter object, all its child objects are automatically selected for backup. For example: If you select a resource pool, all the virtual machines in the resource pool are automatically selected for backup.

Alternatively, you can set specific criteria for automatic selection of virtual machines for backup. This will be useful in environments where virtual machines are added, removed, or relocated on a frequent basis.

Follow the steps given below to select virtual machines for backup:

  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Client Computers > vCenter_client > Virtual Server > VMware.
  2. Right-click the defaultBackupSet and click New Subclient.

  3. Enter the Subclient name.

  4. Click the Content tab.

    Click Browse.

    For IntelliSnap: If you are using a Nutanix array, do not include Nutanix controller VMs in the subclient content because controller VMs cannot be backed up.

    Navigate to the virtual machine which you want to backup and select the virtual machine.

    Click OK.

    The selected virtual machine appears in the Contents of a subclient list.

  5. If you want to backup specific virtual machines, you can add rules to define criteria for automatic selection of virtual machines. Perform the following:
    • Click Add.
    • Click the available list and select Host from the list. Enter the host name which appears in the vCenter or ip address of the host.

      Otherwise, click to open the Browse dialog box. Navigate to the required host and select the host.

    • Click OK.

      The selected host will appear in the Contents of subclient list on the Content tab.

      Click Preview to view all the virtual machines on the host. These virtual machines will get backed up when you perform the backup of the subclient.

      You can add rules for other entities such as a resource pool, datacenter, datastore, Guest OS, or Guest DNS Hostname. All virtual machines in the selected entity are automatically selected for backup.

      You can also add rules to select virtual machines based on a VM Name Pattern.

  6. Click the Storage Device tab.

    Select a Storage Policy.

    Click OK.

    Note: If you do not have Storage Policy created, continue with Step 9.

  7. To create a storage policy, you must have configured a library in the CommCell.

Last modified: 3/14/2019 6:16:42 PM