Configuration Process

To configure the Offline Replication of Snapshots feature for the Isilon storage array, complete the following process.

  1. On the Isilon OneFs cluster, create a SyncIQ policy, and then manually configure the policy details.

    Note: If the manual configuration of the SyncIQ policy fails, then use the nIsilonAutoCorrectSyncIQPolicy additional setting.

  2. Create a replica copy.
  3. Associate the replica copy to the subclients whose snapshots you want to replicate. See Associating the Replica Copy to Subclients.
  4. Configure source arrays and target arrays for replication, by setting up both arrays in Array Management. See Configuring the Dell EMC Isilon Array Using Array Management.
  5. On the source array, configure at least one array controller. The array controller initiates the offline replication.

Last modified: 2/20/2019 12:13:10 AM