Installing Laptop Backup for Linux End Users

You can install backup software on your Linux laptop using the custom package provided by your administrator.


  1. Locate the UnixCustomPackage.tar file provided by administrator.
  2. Extract the files of UnixCustomPackage.tar using following command:

    tar -xvf <tarfile>

  3. Navigate to the extracted UnixCustomPackage/pkg location.

    For example, navigate to <client_computer>/opt/UnixCustomPackage/pkg.

  4. Run the ./silent_install -p default command:

    <client_computer>/opt/UnixCustomPackage# ./silent_install -p default

    If you are unable to download the package, contact your System Administrator and make sure that the package was created as per the instructions given in Creating a Laptop Backup Installation Package for UNIX.

  5. After the installation finishes, run the following command from the Installation_Directory/Base directory after substituting the parameter values.

    Note: If you installed the laptop package as a non-root user, you must run the galaxy_vm command before running the SIMCallWrapper command. The galaxy_vm command is located in the installation directory.

    ./SIMCallWrapper -optype 1000 -user 'username' -password 'mypass' -ClientName laptop1 -authcode authcodevalue -output /tmp/output.xml


    • ClientName is the name of the laptop where you are installing the package. The name will be automatically registered to the CommServe.
    • user and password are the user account details used for registering the laptop. The user name and password might require single quotes (' ') and escapes (\) if special characters are used. For example, 'domain\\user'.

Last modified: 10/23/2018 5:54:49 PM