Enabling Automatic File Uploads with Commvault Edge from Apple Devices

In addition to manual upload, you can enable the Commvault Edge app to automatically upload the photos and videos in the pictures, dcim, and downloads folder of your mobile device to a specific folder on your client computer. By default, the auto upload settings are disabled.

After you install the application or upgrade the application to the latest version, you are prompted to enable automatic upload. To enable automatic upload, you must provide the location to upload your photos and videos. You can also modify other settings, such as content type and network connection.


  1. Under Account on the home screen, tap Settings.
  2. Turn on Auto Upload.
  3. To change the upload location, tap Select Upload Location and select the destination folder where the photos and videos will be uploaded.
  4. To change the network settings for upload:
    • Turn on Cellular Data to enable auto upload when the device is on Wi-Fi or mobile data network connection.
    • Turn off Cellular Data to enable auto upload only when the device is on Wi-Fi network connection.
  5. To change the type of content for upload:
    • Turn on Include Videos to enable auto upload of photos and videos.
    • Turn off Include Videos to enable auto upload of photos only.


Whenever a new photo or video is added to the device, it is uploaded to the upload location you configured.

If your upload location is your Edge Drive, after your photos and videos are uploaded, you can use the Free up device storage option to delete the photos and videos off of your device. On the Settings screen in the Auto Upload section, tap Free up device storage and follow the instructions.

Last modified: 1/15/2018 6:51:31 PM