Deploying Download Center

The Download Center is installed with the Web Console software (see Installing the Command Center). After the appropriate CommCell capabilities are assigned (see User Access Levels for Download Center), end-users and administrators can access Download Center from the Web Console.

Before You Begin

Ensure that the Web Server associated with the Web Console that you want to use for the Index Server meets the system requirements.


  1. Log in to the Web Console.

    For information, see Accessing the Web Console.

  2. From the Applications page, click Download Center.

    When you open Download Center for the first time, a welcome page appears.

  3. Complete the steps on the Download Center welcome page.

    See Adding a Repository to Download Center and Adding a Package to Download Center.

After completing the steps on the Download Center welcome page, a list of available packages appears when you open Download Center.

Last modified: 10/9/2018 2:43:42 PM