Clearing Data and Deleting Data Sources in Data Cube

You can clear existing data from a data source or remove a data source and any data completely from Data Cube.

Warning: Clear and delete operations are irreversible. Ensure that you no longer need the data or data source before you proceed with this operation.

Before You Begin

Only the creator of the data source can clear data and delete the data source from Data Cube.


  1. In a Web browser, log in to the Web Console, and then click Analytics.
  2. In the left pane, click the connector group to view the data sources for that connector.
  3. On the Data Sources (connector) page, in the box of the data source that you want to clear or delete, click Configuration.

    The configuration page for the selected data source appears.

  4. In the Configuration section, in the upper right, click Delete.
  5. In the Delete Data Source dialog box:
    • To clear all of the existing data from the data source, select Clear Existing Data. This option will not remove the data source from Data Cube.
    • To permanently delete the data source and all existing data from Data Cube, select Delete Data Source and Data. When this option is selected, the data source will no longer appear in Data Cube.
  6. Click Delete to perform the selected operation.

What To Do Next

If the software restructures the data for any of the following reasons, then you must disable the Incremental Crawling option on the data source in order to perform a full crawl of the data:

  • You change the data connection schema
  • You change the data connection primary key
  • You delete data

Last modified: 7/19/2018 8:06:01 PM