Creating a Smart Client Computer Group for Tenant Administrators

When an administrator installs a client, the administrator is not automatically assigned as the client owner. If the administrator is a tenant (limited to a subset of clients), you can create a smart client computer group so that the tenant administrator retains access to the clients he or she installs.


Create a smart client computer group with the following properties:

  • Set Owner to the master user group.

    The clients that are added to the client computer group are added based on the permissions of the owner. For more information, see Creating a Smart Client Computer Group.

  • Add the Company Installed Client Associations automatic association rule and set it to the company the tenant administrator belongs to.

    Create a separate smart client computer group for each company.

  • On the Security tab, assign the tenant administrators the appropriate roles.

    Important: Do not include a role with the Change Client Associations permission. The Change Client Associations permission allows users to add or remove the automatic association rules in the client computer group. For information about client group permissions, see User Security Permissions and Permitted Actions by Feature.

Last modified: 7/1/2019 9:16:40 PM