Frequently Asked Questions - 1-Touch for Solaris

Applies to: 1-Touch for Solaris 10

Can I perform 1-Touch recovery using a non-primary NIC?

Yes. The following table lists the different 1-Touch recovery modes and the steps to perform recovery using a non-primary NIC:

Recovery Mode

Configuration Steps

1-Touch recovery

  1. On the affected client, create a device alias for the network interface that you want to use for booting.


    On Solaris Sparc clients, type the following command at the boot prompt.

    nvalias device_aliasdevice_path

    • The device_path can be found in the network_interfaces file that is created at the time of 1-Touch backup.
    • The network_interfaces file will be available under the JumpStart directory after the 1-Touch recovery restore.

      For example, if the JumpStart files are installed in the /jumpstart directory, the network_interfaces file will be under the /jumpstart/files/client/commvault/iDatAgent/systemrecovery directory.

  2. Use the newly created device_alias in the boot net command sequence.


    boot net1

    where net1 is the newly created device alias.

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