Editing Events

You can edit a scheduled event or a draft event . You can also extend the RSVP deadline, change event details, and modify questions.


  • If you edit the questions in a scheduled event, the corresponding responses are deleted.
  • When you edit an event, changes that you made to any of the event email messages revert to the default message.


  1. Log on to the Web Console.
  2. From the My Applications page, click Events Organizer.
  3. On the Events page to the left of the title of the event tile you want to edit, click the configuration icon .
  4. Click the Edit icon .
  5. From here you can:
    • Make the necessary changes to the event RSVP date.
    • Make the necessary changes to the event notification.

    See Organizing an Event.

  6. After you have made your changes to the event, choose whether to send the updated event notification immediately or later:
    • To save the event and return to it later for more changes, click Save as draft.
    • To send the updated notification later, click Save.
    • To send the event notification immediately, click Invite.

      Tip: Verify the details of the notification before sending it. Under Preview invitation, select the Edit message before sending check box. If you want to save your changes for the next email to this event, select the Save edited content check box.

    Updated event or venue details are shown as strikethrough text in the email.

Last modified: 10/10/2018 7:22:09 PM