Add IP Library

Use this dialog box to add the details of a new IP library.


The name of the MediaAgent attached to the IP library.

IP Library Data

  • Library Type

    The IP library type (for example, IBM 3494, ACSLS).

  • Server Name

    The host name of the computer that controls the library physically.

  • Create Default Work Pool

    This option is available for IBM3494 libraries only.

    • When this option is selected, you can create the work pool during the library configuration using the Expert Storage Configuration dialog box.
    • When this option is cleared, a work pool must be created manually in the library. The Work Pool Number field becomes available.
    • Work Pool Number
      • For ACSLS libraries, enter the work pool number that is associated with the scratch pool.
      • For IBM 3494 libraries, enter the work pool number that associated with the work pool that you created manually.
    • Volume Range

      For ACSLS libraries, specify the ascending barcode ranges for the volumes that are available for the specified work pool. Use a dash to specify a range and commas to delimit ranges. For example: 000065-000165,000167,000170-000199.

      Not applicable to other IP libraries.

Library Data

  • Vendor

    The manufacturer of the library (for example, IBM, StorageTek).

  • Model

    The library model.

  • Description

    Enter a description for  the library. The description is optional.

  • Drive Count

    The number of drives in the library.

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