Agent Properties (Stub Rule)

Use the Agent Properties (Stub Rule) tab to determine whether or not to preserve stubs until the media is aged and how long the stubs are retained before they are pruned. They apply to all subclients configured for this Agent.

These rules assume that placeholder stubs are created when documents are archived.

Preserve stubs until the media has been pruned

Specifies that stubs will not be pruned until the media is aged during a data aging operation. Recovery of data is not possible when this rule is enabled.

Prune stub only after n days

Specifies the number of days that a stub will be retained before it is pruned. You can use this space to change the number of days. This rule can be specified with different values for each subclient, but the rule for the subclient that has the lowest value will be the rule that is followed by all subclients.


Last modified: 2/25/2019 10:06:23 PM