Enabling the Operation Dashboard

To help you get started with log monitoring, Commvault provides the predefined Operation Dashboard. The Operation Dashboard displays widgets that contain charts and depict data from the search options set in the System Created Policy configured for the dashboard. The following widgets are displayed on a single page so that you can visualize your data:

Job Statistics

Job failure - Daily

Job with errors - Weekly_Days

Job retries on specified days

Job success on specified days

Job failure - Weekly

Job with errors - Monthly

Job retries - Daily

Job success - Daily

Job failure - Weekly_Days

Job killed on specific days

Job retries - Weekly

Job success - Weekly

Job failure - Monthly

Job killed - Daily

Job retries - Weekly_Days

Job success - Weekly_Days

Job with errors on specified days

Job killed - Weekly

Job retries - Monthly

Job success - Monthly

Job with errors - Daily

Job killed - Weekly_Days


Job failure on specified days

Job with errors - Weekly

Job killed - Monthly


Note: The Operation Dashboard displays results only from the System Created Policy and the Job Manager log files.

Before You Begin

  • The Index Server must be configured.

    For more information on how to configure the Index Server, see Configuring the Index Server for Log Monitoring.

  • You must have CommCell-level administrator permissions to run QScripts.
  • Enable the System Created Policy, which tracks the logs in the Commvault log directory.

    For more information on System Created Policy, see Enabling System Created Policy.


  1. From the command prompt, run the QS_LMCreateDefaultDashBoardAndSearch QScript using the following command:

    qoperation execscript -sn QS_LMCreateDefaultDashBoardAndSearch

    For more information, see Using QScripts on the Command Line.

    After the QScript is run successfully, the Operation Dashboard is available in the Log Monitoring application on the Web Console.

  2. To access the Operation Dashboard, log on to the Web Console and go to My Applications > Monitoring > Log Monitoring.

    The Home page is displayed.

  3. At the top of the page, click Dashboard and select Operation Dashboard.

    The Operation Dashboard is displayed.

Last modified: 11/9/2018 9:20:13 AM