Export Details

Use this dialog box to view the details of the export job.

Media Barcode

Displays the barcode number associated with the media that is currently exported.

Current Phase

The current phase of the export operation. One of the following phases will be displayed:

Started (Cancelable)


Media is reserved

Media is in use

Unmount failed

Resources not ready

Internal database error

MediaAgent not ready

No free mail slots in the library (Cancelable)

Export in progress

Media moved to mail slot



Export media verify in progress (Cancelable)

Verify completed (Cancelable)

Media is pinned

Export Canceled


Export Location

Displays the name of the export location.


Displays the name of the MediaAgent from which the export operation is run.

Source Slot

Displays the slot number associated with the exported media.


Displays the reason for the error, if an error is encountered during the export operation.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:21:31 PM