Recall Media

Use this dialog box to view a list of media that can be recalled. The following information is displayed for each media:

  • Status

    Lists the status of the media as an icon. See Identifying Media Icons for a quick reference of the media status.

  • Barcode

    Lists the barcode associated with the media.

  • Storage Policy

    Lists the name of the storage policy used to write to the media.

  • Location

    The current location of the exported media.

  • Container

    Lists the name of the container, if the media was added to a container.

  • Last Write Time

    The most recent time data was written to the media.

  • Size of Storage

    The total amount of data that was ever written to the media.

Select All

Select this option to select all media in the list.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:28:42 PM