Global Repository Cell (GRC) - Frequently Asked Questions

What entities are imported during the GRC process?

You can import the following objects from a PodCell to a destination CommCell:

  • Client Computers with all the agents installed on each client. The clients appear as 'uninstalled' clients in the destination CommCell.
  • Metadata records associated with the backup operations for all the agents. This includes the following:
    • History information.
    • Information about media.
    • Storage Policy and Storage Policy Copies associated with the subclients configured in the Client, including storage policies and storage policy copies used in the past, that contain valid data from the Client.
    • Client configurations such as deduplication, encryption, and silo.

What entities are not imported during the GRC process?

You cannot import the following objects from a PodCell to a destination CommCell:

  • Client Group definitions.
  • Subclient policies, schedule policies, users and user groups, media location and alerts associated with the PodCell.
  • Client configurations such as holidays, operation window, activity control, and schedules.
  • History information associated with Data Recovery operations and administration jobs.
  • Firewall related configuration information.
  • Audit trail information associated with the client

What destination CommCell entities are pushed to the PodCell during the pushback configuration process?

You can push the following entities from a destination CommCell to a PodCell:

  • Subclient policies
  • Schedule policies
  • Users and user groups
  • Alerts
  • Media location

What happens to the deduplicated data after migration?

After migration, the Deduplication Database operates in the read-only mode in the destination CommCell. The migrated (deduplication enabled) storage policies in the destination CommCell can be used to restore the deduplicated data migrated from the source CommCell and to perform Auxiliary Copy operation with the migrated data as the source. Migrated Storage Policies in the destination CommCell cannot be used to deduplicate new backup operations. You must create new storage policies or use existing storage policies in the destination CommCell for new backup operations.

Can I run SQL queries on the destination CommServe to get the information about the imported objects ?

Yes. The following views are available in SQL after migration. For more information about views, see CommCell Views.




Used storage policies with "Data aging Enabled" value modified to "NO"


Mounted snapshots


Storage policies used in backup jobs


Used clients in "uninstalled" status


Information for agents in which jobs run


All successful jobs except for those with the ‘xmljoboptions’ column is set to NULL


Jobs that are completed or completed with errors


Clients with successful jobs


Clients with successful jobs


Jobs that are completed or completed with errors


Jobs that are completed or completed with errors


Media information that is associated with the used library


Media that is associated with the used subclient


Subclients with successful jobs


Libraries that are used for backup operations

Can I import tape libraries from the PodCell?

When you import any clients from the PodCell, any tape libraries associated with the clients are imported automatically. The tape libraries are imported as deconfigured libraries. If you want to restore any data from these libraries move tapes to already configured library in the destination CommCell. Otherwise, migrate the MediaAgent from the source CommCell in the destination CommCell. Before moving the tapes, check the barcodes associated with the tapes in the destination CommCell to make sure that there are no duplicate barcodes. If you find two tapes that have the same bar code, one of them must be changed.

Can I delete a registered CommCell?

Yes, you can delete a registered CommCell. In the CommCell Registration dialog box, right-click the CommCell you want to delete. Click Delete.

The database entries will remain but the CommCell will be hidden from the GUI. Communication between the two CommCells will no longer be possible though.


Last modified: 2/21/2018 7:21:05 AM