You can add or edit filters for a backup set or a subclient. Filters are criteria to exclude instances or instance volumes from backups.

Show Backupset Filters (subclients only)

Select this option to display filters defined at both the subclient and backup set levels. When this option is cleared, only subclient filters are shown on this tab; but backup set filters are still enforced.

VM Filters

This area displays the list of all defined filters.

When you perform the backup of a subclient, the instances satisfying the specified criteria are automatically excluded from the backup.


Click this button to browse and select instances by region, zone, tags, or instance type.

When you select an object in this dialog box, all child objects are filtered automatically from the subclient.


Click this button to open the Add Filters dialog box. Use this dialog box to define filters when you want to filter instances based on specific criteria.

You can define following types of filters:

  • Instance filters:
    • Instance Name/ Pattern: Enter the display name of the instance or a pattern using wildcards (for example, Test* to identify instances for which the instance name begins with "Test").
    • Region: Enter the region name or a region name pattern using wildcards. When you add a region, all instances in the region are selected.
    • Zone: Enter the zone name or a zone name pattern using wildcards. When you add a zone, all instances in the zone are selected.
    • Guest OS: Enter the exact name of the operating system or a pattern to identify an operating system group (for example, Microsoft* to identify any instance that has a version of the Windows operating system).
    • Guest DNS Hostname: Enter a hostname or a pattern to identify a hostname or domain (for example, myhost.mycompany.com to identify a specific host or *mycompany.com to identify all hosts on that domain).
    • Instance State: Select the power on status of instances to be selected. You can select one of the following options:
      • Running: Identify instances that are powered on.
      • Stopped: Identify instances that are powered off.
  • Instance volume filters:
    • Volume Device Name/Pattern: Enter the device name of the volume or a pattern using wildcards. For example, use a pattern such as xdv* to identify volume devices where the volume device name begins with "xdv", or /dev/s* to identify devices where the name begins with "/dev/s".
    • Volume Name/Pattern: Enter the display name of the volume or a pattern using wildcards (for example, Data* to identify volumes for which the volume name begins with "Data").
    • Volume Type: Select the type of volume to be filtered. Select Root to exclude the OS volume from backups.


Select a filter entry and click Edit to modify the filter.


Select a filter and click Delete to remove the filter from the subclient.

Last modified: 8/31/2018 9:02:02 PM