Adding the CommServe to the Vormetric DSM as a Host

You must register CommServe as a host in the DSM. After registration, the CommServe appears in the DSM Management Console under the KMIP agent type as it uses the KMIP protocol to communicate with the DSM.

Note: The procedure below explains the registration of CommServe as a host in one DSM. For a cluster DSM setup, perform this procedure on each DSM.


  1. Log on to the DSM as a domain administrator.
  2. Click Domain>Switch Domains, select the domain that serves the KMIP clients, and then click Switch to Domain.
  3. Select Hosts > Hosts in the menu bar.

    The Hosts window appears.

  4. Click Add.

    The Add Host window appears.

  5. Modify the fields:
    • Host Name: Enter the name of your CommServe. This is the name that will be used when you generate the certificate. You must use the same name when you upload the certificate later.
    • Password Creation Method: Select Generate.
    • Automatically Assign to a Server: Do not select this.
    • Description: (optional) Describe the CommServe.
    • License Type: Select the option specified in your license.
    • KMIP: Select this check box.
    • Communication Enabled: Select this checkbox.
  6. Click Ok.

    The Hosts window appears.

  7. Click on the hostname of the host you just added.

    The Edit Host window appears. The Certificate Fingerprint column should be empty.

  8. Click Ok.

    The Hosts window appears.

What To Do Next

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