HyperScale Reference Architecture - Adding Additional Disks for Vertical Scaling

You can add additional disks to the existing MediaAgent nodes to vertically scale the HyperScale Storage Pool block.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure that you have enough disks to equally scale up the MediaAgents nodes of the HyperScale Storage Pool block.

    For example: If you have 3 MediaAgent nodes in your set up and you wish to add disks. In this case, ensure that you add 2 disks per MediaAgent node. Thus, a total of 6 disks would be needed for scaling up vertically.

  • Install the latest Service Pack on the CommServe host. For more information see, Service Packs.
  • Ensure that the new set of disks are physically added to each MediaAgent node.

    Note: The same number of disks must be added to all the MediaAgent nodes.


  1. Log in to the MediaAgent computer and navigate to the following directory:


  2. Run the following command:

    ./CVSDS -d

    The command will detect the newly added disk, which is not already a part of the HyperScale Storage Pool block and will display the device information, something similar to the following:

    Detected unused disk devices which can be initialized to become part of StoragePool. All the existing data on the disk device will be destroyed during initialization. Please select which of the following disk device should be initialized.

    device capacity selected
    /dev/sdx 57GB false

  3. Type the name of the device and press <Enter>.

    For example: Type the equivalent of /dev/sdx (displayed in the above example) and press <Enter>.

    The device will be selected by setting the selected column as true.

  4. Type q and press <Enter> to format and mount the disk on the MediaAgent node.

    Note: Typing q without entering the device name (as stated in Step 3) will exit the program without formatting / mounting the disk.

  5. Repeat the steps in all the MediaAgent nodes.


The new disk will be added within a few minutes. - up to a maximum of 30 minutes, depending on the Interval (Minutes) between disk space updates parameter. For more information on this parameter, see Media Management Configuration: Service Configuration.

Last modified: 11/1/2019 8:24:18 PM