Snapshot Configuration Properties of the Dell EMC Storage Center (DSM) Storage Array

The Snap Configuration tab contains properties that control the behavior of the storage array.

Important: If you use the Microsoft Hyper-V agent, then select the Do not track Live Volume secondary snaps check box. Otherwise, on the secondary array, snapshot operations fail. Tracking and managing secondary snapshots of live volumes is not supported, and you need to manage the secondary snapshots manually.



Default value

Snap Operation Retry Interval (in seconds)

The time interval (in seconds) after which the next mount operation is attempted.

The default value is 60.

Snap Operation Retry Count

The number of retry attempts for a mount operation.

The default value is 10.

Enable Diagnostic Logging

When selected, enables diagnostic logging.

The default value is not selected.

REST server port

The port that is used by the REST server.

The default value is 3033.

Folder for replay views

The name of the folder where you can add mapping views.


Do not track Live Volume secondary snaps

When selected, the Commvault software does not manage snapshots on the secondary site.

The default value is not selected.

Last modified: 2/21/2019 9:12:17 PM