Creating an NFS or CIFS Share Using the CvConfigureArchiveStore Utility

You can export the backup data as an NFS or CIFS share by using the CvConfigureArchiveStore utility.

You can create the NFS or CIFS share from the backup set level or subclient level.

File system module type V2 has better caching module for optimized performance, so Commvault recommends using file system module type V2 for the NFS or CIFS share. You must use the same file system module type number for exporting and unexporting an NFS or CIFS share.

Before you Begin

On the command line, go to software_installation_directory/Base, and then type the following command to set the required Commvault environment variables:

. ../galaxy_vm


  • From software_installation_directory/Base type the following command:

    python CvConfigureArchiveStore create -m TDFSSERVER -n NFSCLIENTIP -s SHARE -c CLIENTNAME -b BACKUPSET -sc SUBCLIENTNAME [-v {1,2}] [--totime TOTIME] [--copyprecedence COPYPRECEDENCE] [--showdeleted {0,1}] [--appname APPNAME] [-i INSTANCE] [--browseMA INDEXSERVER] [--enableacl {0,1}] [--refreshonbackup {0,1}] [-h]


python CvConfigureArchiveStore create -m 3dnfstest.example.com -n -s 3dfsnfsshare -c 3dfsServer_CN_1 -sc etc -v 2 --totime 2016-04-25 02:00:00 --copyprecedence 0 --showdeleted 1 -b fs1 --browseMA index3dfs02 --enableacl 1 --refreshonbackup 0

For information on parameters for creating an NFS Share, see NFS Share Export Parameters.


The following sample output of the export command contains the share ID that is given by the NFS server.



Possible error code values are as follows:

  • 0: The export command executed successfully
  • 1: The share name already exists for the given network storage server
  • 2: Refresh on backup share is already configured for the subclient

The following generic error message is displayed if any of the provided parameters are incorrect:

execute: Error 0x911: Failed to process request due to invalid entity information.Invalid subclientId for subclientName[TestACL1].

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