The ACSLSTool can be useful to query the ACSLS server to confirm and test the ACSLS library configuration. In addition, the tool can be used to perform minor ACSLS administration tasks.


  • The ACSLSTool must be run from the MediaAgent in which the ACSLS library is configured.
  • Windows MediaAgents require Oracle’s Library Attach for Windows.

    For more information on Oracle’s Library Attach for Windows, refer to the documentation associated with Oracle's (STK) LibAttach_configurator.

  • Solaris MediaAgents require the ACSLS Client Service to be configured after installing the MediaAgent.

    For more information on configuring the ACSLS Client Service, see Configure ACSLS Client Service on Solaris.


  1. Login to MediaAgent in which the IP based library is installed.
  2. For Windows: Open command prompt and navigate to the Installation_Directory/Base folder and click ACSLSTool.exe.

    For Solaris: Navigate to Installation_Directory/Base directory and run ACSLSTool.

  3. Press <Enter>.

    A list of ACSLS Server configured in the computer is displayed.

  4. Enter the number corresponding to the ACSLS Server that you plan to query/administer and then press <Enter>.

    A list of operations that can be performed using the tool is displayed.

  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the operation.


  • To verify communication with the ACSLS Server, select, 1.Query > 1.ACS > <Number corresponding to the ACS Server>
  • To query the drive serial number, select, 1.Query > 10. Drive Serial Number

Last modified: 8/30/2018 5:18:56 PM