Adding a Passphrase Key Management Server

You can add or modify a passphrase key management server from the CommCell Console.


  • Though the system exports the passphrase to the export locations, there can be loss of passphrase file due to corruption or system crash. Passphrase is mandatory to restore the data. So, we recommend you to store or record the passphrase in a secure location to avoid data loss.
  • If you configure the CommServe LiveSync feature in the CommCell environment and the passphrase is exported to the CommServe client, then you must export the passphrase to the SQL clients of all nodes instead of exporting to CommServe client. The export of the passphrase to all clients ensures that the passphrase is available on all the nodes.


  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, on the Home tab, click Control Panel.

    The Control Panel window appears.

  2. Under Storage, click Key Management Servers.

    The Encryption Key Management Servers dialog box appears.

  3. Click Add, and then select Passphrase.

    The Key provider properties dialog box appears.

  4. Enter the following values:
    • Key Provider Name: Enter the name of the key provider.
    • Encryption Key Length: Select the key length to use with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher.
    • Passphrase and Confirm Passphrase: Enter the passphrase.
  5. To add a client export location to store the passphrase, complete the following steps:
    1. Under Export Passphrase, click Add.

      The Location window appears.

    2. From the Client list, select the client.
    3. For Location, browse and select the location.
    4. Click OK.

      Note: You must add at least two export locations.

  6. Click OK.

Last modified: 10/24/2019 9:38:26 AM