Enabling Google Multi-Domain Backup Support

To back up user accounts of all the available domains, enable the Google multi-domain backup support.


  1. In the CommCell Browser, go to Client Computers > client > Cloud Apps > instance.
  2. Right click a user-defined subclient, and then click Properties.

    The Subclient Properties dialog box appears.

  3. On the Backup Options tab, select the Enable Google Multi-Domain check box.


  • By default, you can back up Google user accounts of only one domain in your organization.
  • By default, the Google Domain ID box displays the domain name of the super admin. You can change this value to the domain name that you want to back up.
  • To back up only the specified domain user account, clear the Enable Google Multi-Domain check box.

Last modified: 7/9/2019 6:44:16 AM