Hotfix Pack SP15.38 (Oct 24, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

DDB engines node may not load for non admin user.

3042, 3043

Backups may not run as per schedule for client timezone schedules


Interactive install may not complete when network configuration is set for CS to open tunnel to client.


Synthetic full jobs for Virtual Server agent may fail.


SAP Archive link migration may be slow.


Tenant users are able to create local usergroup from Admin console

3037, 3038

Oracle restore from File system backup copy goes pending.


Oracle database restore job may fail after restarting the instance.


Object store API performance fixes.


Incremental backup for Database agents may fail with no streams available error.


Content indexing engine may run out of memory when indexing large documents.

3030, 3031

Oracle 9i backup support


Windows Oracle Instance backup may fail when using SYSTEM account.


Upgrading HyperScale node to SP15 may fail from SP11 Reference Architecture ISO
Gluster volume size may not reflect correctly


Unable to assign storage policy or schedule to VM group in Command Center


Auxiliary copy may not utilize all resources available correctly.


Live browse with snap backup for Nutanix may be slow.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.37 (Oct 17, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Auxcopy of data from an Azure library may fail.


Snap backup copy may fail with error "No Live Volume found in Storage Center [49510] as primary for source volume" when using Compellent array.


Unable to create snap primary copy using tape library


Unable to select vcenter client for smart group due to specific User preferences (i.e., if 'Show Virtual Machines' option is selected).


Removing File indexing option by default for VSA as the feature is not ready

3018, 3022

CVD service on Hyper-V host may crash if there is Linux virtual machine.


Unable to override data path for incremental storage policy from subclient level


Oracle Cross Instance restore may fail.


Stub Restore from any non ntfs medium to ntfs medium will fail when cvmhsm filter driver is present.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.36 (Oct 10, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

DRBackup to cloud may fail.


Hyper-v VM file level restore may not work using Web console.

3011, 3013

Browse for Virtual machine content and filters may timeout in large environments.


Salesforce backup may fail with concurrent modification exception.


DDB Data Verification job may continuously report some chunks as IN USE for chunks having large number of Sfiles.
After DDB reconstruction some uncommitted chunks may get marked bad for DDB Data Verification job.


VMWare Streaming Backup on multiple VMs complete with errors "Initialization from Disk failed, error=One or more...


RDS aurora DB cluster restore may be marked as successful even when cluster is in creating or failed state.


Unable to kill VM level backup jobs that are stuck in the job control.


Network configuration script fails with an exception while creating tagged vlan


Installer was failing with single DNS server for simple n/w config
In IE, front end does not allow install to proceed because DNS is non-unique even though the inputs are unique


MongoDB restore hangs when there is underscore in the shard name


Backup/restore jobs may hang during pipeline initialization.


Storage policy information report may not show media appendable status.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.35 (Oct 03, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

VMware backup using IntelliSnap may fail while reading source device information for INFINIDAT storage array with firmware 5.0 and above.


Commvault service on some SLES 15 may fail to start after reboot


Setup of HS3000 HyperScale appliance may fail.


Exchange reservation for synthetic full job may cause mount error when using tape library.


OpenStack CBT - api requests may time out. permissions to staging_dir may be incorrect


When only one DNS server is entered, install hangs
"Upload File" install feature was not showing details of DR CommServe in HTML configuration
Validation of CS password hung during the install process
Gluster volume size may not be reported correctly after installation or expanding the volume


VMware backups over NFS may fail.


moniker filters may not work on macOS preScan


CSDB audit related tables might get bloated.

2991, 2993

Restores of VMs with RHV Thin Provision disks, pause, causing delays or failures in the restore process


Reports do not show client owners which are no longer in AD.
Client ownership of laptop may be lost when the user leaves the company.

2986, 2987, 2988

Unable to schedule job for file system data source.

2984, 2985

Database recovery fails after restoring Oracle backup to disk using app free restore.


HyperScale node may crash as /var/log has no space.


Qcommand to add association to schedule policy giving timeout error after upgrade to sp14

2982, 2983

Online crawl job may fail with loss of control event during the scan phase


Advance search fields From, To, Cc, Bcc may not work when field based suggestion is disabled.


Restore of legal hold to review set may not restore all documents.
Add to ReviewSet may be very slow and timeout


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.34 (Sep 26, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

The license summery report may show an incorrect license count for mailboxes on CommCells upgraded from a previous service pack.

2975, 2976

Appliance configuration fails during create lease - affinity group milestone.


When logical volumes of a volume group are mounted at different times during Live Browse and Restore, the logical volumes may be cleaned up at different point in time and may leave behind the volume group and physical volumes.

2971, 2972, 2974

Commserve on HyperScale cannot be started due to no free space.


Fallen behind secondary copies report may provide invalid results.


Browse may not show all the mails after a successful backup job.

2967, 2969

Deleting a plan may disable "System Created for Autocopy" schedule.

2965, 2966

Live browse from subsequent volumes belonging to the same VG may fail when browse is in progress for one of the volumes in that VG.


SAN Data server may fail on RHEL 7.4.


New HyperScale nodes added to cluster may not be part of the cluster.


Content Indexing jobs for Exchange Mailbox may be slow.


Cloud Health report may show APP_ExtendedProperties with a warning status.

2959, 2960

Backup restore may fail for private group with auto created service account.

2954, 2955, 2956, 2957

Unable to add Exchange DAG client using Commcell console when the GUI language is Japanese.

2952, 2953

Data verification may fail with an error "mount path info is not found in the registry"


Solutions page for devices in Command Center may not show any devices.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.33 (Sep 19, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Restores for Exchange databases may fail with access denied errors when reading metadata files.


Live browse may fail BTRFS file system using SUSE 12.


H3C Openstack restore may fail to create new VM.


Revert replication job may not start after VM fails to power on during live sync validation


OpenVMS back-up and restore of files with long file names (> 255 chars) were not supported.


Client name may change automatically.

2943, 2945

Retire client marks client as restore only

2940, 2941, 2942

High memory consumption during file scan phase


Tenant Admin users are missing Live Sync Replication options in Command Center.


Linux 1-touch backup may fail when enumerating network devices


Outlook Content Store login may fail.
Recalls of email stubs may fail from within Outlook.


Duplicate case names may be displayed in Case Manager.

2934, 2936

VMWare snapbackup may incorrectly show change size of VMDK as the backup size of VM for FULL backup jobs


SharePoint O365 restores may not bring back permissions for List and item level objects.
SharePoint O365 Permission restore jobs may fail for non-English sites.


Support for custom bucket name for VMWare to AWS live sync.


File recalls from tape may continue to fail even after the exported tape has been imported back into the library.


Dell EMC Celerra files may get recalled during backup if archiving has been done on the same data in a different backup set.


Content indexing job may be slow when processing PDFs.


Add items to legal hold may produce failed items if concurrent jobs are running with many items that are common to these multiple jobs.


Pruning of content indexed data may not prune some old documents.


Users with operator permissions are unable to run or view media on Vault Tracker Policies.

2923, 2924, 2925

O365 Onedrive backup may be marked as Complete With Errors.
O365 One drive backup may not retry failure items on next backup.
O365 Onedrive Discover may take longer time.
O365 Onedrive Discover may not get all type of groups
O365 Onedrive backup may fail with exception 'System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException'


Support added to register HyperScales MediaAgents to an external CS so that the CS on Appliance can be used for DR purposes
OS upgrade of a HyperScale node may fail if GlusterInstaller exits prematurely during InstallUpdates
Some network switches dont allow assigning already used static IP to a LACP bond
User was not able to re-enter password once registration to CS has failed in case of existing CS
Download of OS rpms can fail if there is a stale archd running on HyperScale nodes
HyperScale - command line option provided to properly report gluster volume size in cvavahi.py
Do not proceed with OS upgrade on HyperScale nodes if .repo files exist in /etc/yum.repos.d previously


HyperScale Imaging will fail if USB drive is not attached to the server.


Command Center may show different dashboards for "tenant user" as opposed to tenant admin and tenant operator

2918, 2922

VSA backups to HPE StoreOnce appliance via Catalyst may exhibit poor dedupe ratio.
Auxiliary copy of virtual server data from one HPE StoreOnce Catalyst object store to another may not complete in an expected amount of time.


Backup jobs are marked CWE when content associated in a subclient is deleted on SharePoint


Automatic updates of reports may not work.


Lotus notes backup may fail on 32 bit on 64 bit platform.


Isilon snap deletion leaves snapshots in Commvault db even after successful deletion from the file server.


AWS: Private region import restore failing with 401 exception during VSCloudFS iniitialization.


Sometimes SILO stores not clearing off of disk as expected after SILO to tape is complete/ignoring.

2912, 2913

VMWare discovery may fail when processing large number of tags by name


VMC backups may take a long time to query the allocated blocks


OVM restores attempts to detach any physical disks of VSA proxy.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.32 (Sep 12, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Hadoop backups may fails when kerberos is enabled


For a tenant admin of a company, while adding/editing content in a Unix subclient, 'Content grid' is not visible.


Linux File System IntelliSnap backup may fail on a Pure storage array if the volume is renamed.


Don't do any automatic processing for setting up file indexing for VM groups


Hyperscale DDB expansion may expand wrong storage pool.

2900, 2901, 2902

Recall operations might stop responding if Commvault driver (cdr) is loaded on both NFS server and NFS client computers


Commserve CVD service may go down unexpectedly when backing up V8 clients.


SharePoint online backup with "All versions" selected may fail.


Network configuration may incorrectly use disabled data interface pair.

2896, 2897

SQL Live Sync replication may not trigger after successful transaction log backup on migrated clients.

2893, 2894

Index Backup jobs may not age correctly as they incorrectly associated with a transitive copy.

2891, 2892

On Solaris, Oracle RAC Unified Data Guard may crash


Installing updates on Hadoop node may change permissions of system library.


Content indexing of emails may fail intermittently.

2885, 2888

Pair icon in Data Replication Monitor consistently shows exclamation mark indicating files failing during initial sync


File indexing not implemented for V2 clients hence should be hidden


Synthetic full high water mark may not work for multi-stream synthetic full jobs.

2881, 2883, 2890

Wrong client may be chosen when performing Oracle restore (in-place), when the client has different "Display Name" from client name.


Preview of Unicode emails may not be correct.


Synthetic full job may not use preferred data path.

2877, 2878

Report schedules may not honor the custom time range selected.


HyperV conversion to VMware may not clean up the snapshot.


Synthetic jobs associated to an empty subclient may fail for Virtual Server agents.

2873, 2874

DDB reconstruction jobs fail when DataServerIP is used to share disk library.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.31 (Sep 05, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

NAS client may not be searchable from end user search interface

2870, 2871

Client may become unresponsive due to system resources constraint


NDMP backup may fail with error writing to job results.


Onedrive restore options may not be displayed in Commcell console.


AWS intellisnap guest file restore may mount volume during file restore.


CLAW workflow may fail to delete archive files.

2866, 2867

Block level backup may fail on fail over while merging the bitmaps from other nodes on active node


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.30 (Aug 29, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

CVODS process on mediaagent may terminate unexpectedly.


vsdisc not honoring vm filter conditions for linux proxies


Intermittent power on and reconfiguration failure of VM during vmware live recovery and live mount operation.
New file/folder added under empty directory wont be listed inside 3dfs share.
When user kills live recovery job, some cache entries will remain in 3dfs cache, even after 3dfs VSA share has been un-exported.
3dfs process memory foot print grows by few bytes per live mount/live recovery job.


Linux proxy can''t set file attributes for VMWare agentless file restore


Azure managed disk snapshot may get pruned incorrectly.


O365 License summary may show duplicate users and report incorrect license consumption.

2855, 2856, 2857

Job gets reported as success even when in-place overwrite site collection restore through Offline Mining fails


SharePoint Online backups may Complete with Errors "User cannot be found"


Command center search may show reports that a user may not have access to.

2850, 2853, 2854

Add to ReviewSet may be slow


Multiple workflow that executes command on remote machine may hang.


Full Linux VM may not boot after restore.


Hadoop Backups may be slow.
Restore of some files on Hadoop may fail when there are thousands of files to restore.


Exchange Mailbox Restore to PST may not work on emails protected using .V 9.0 agent.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.29 (Aug 22, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

CVSynthfullODS process may get stuck when a lot of synthfull jobs are triggered.


Mount\umount of snaps may hang.


SQL log backups may get converted to full constantly.

2840, 2841, 2842

Governance app index extraction job of backed up data may fail.

2838, 2839

Legal hold power restore jobs may fail.

2836, 2837

Account lookup taking a lot of time during scan.


Process Manager may not display the tab header and other information for certain tabs
In OS environment configured for Japanese language certain strings in the Failover Assistant tab of Process Manager may appear truncated


Vmware snap backups may fail during archive indexing phase


Updating client properties might give error 'Failed to set activity control'.

2833, 2835

Commserver temp database may grow large when running storage usage report.

2829, 2830

Oracle archive logs backup may fail.


Virtual Server backup may attempt to protect clients on which backup activity is disabled


Oracle Logical backup export job may fail with error "Invalid table long name"


Long running restores might fail to import the VM in vcloud director


1-Touch backup may fail when docker mount points are present.


EBS volume backup/restore may fail on volume size greater than 1 TB.


Oracle RAC Unified Dataguard after a failover still uses the Storage Policy defined PseudoClient instead of local site Client Agent property


MySqlLobBackup process may hang forever.


Isilon restartable NDMP backups may fail on resume due to busy snapshots.


Commvault service on Linux fail to start by systemctl with error "a configured resource limit was exceeded"


Export to PST job may not skip on failure and move to the next email.
Legal hold job may often produce failed items which might succeed upon retry


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.28 (Aug 15, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Restore from Live Browse for CIFS Network Share fails on Windows for long source paths.


Auxcopy jobs may not proceed due to DB deadlocks.

2815, 2816

Index cache on MA fills up due to logs not getting cleaned up.


Data aging may be incorrectly disabled on some clients.

2811, 2813, 2814

QS_DataProtectionJobSummary script is throwing "Arithmetic overflow" error.

2809, 2810

Database upgrade on CS may fail when some Remote Cache was configured with both 32bit Darwin and 64bit Darwin

2806, 2808

No FREL was set during hypervisor creation

2804, 2807

EMC Unity snapshot deletion failure when delete request contains multiple snaps for same device.


Entries appear in Windows system event log when we try to read boot block on storage spaces volumes, which isn't possible.


EvMgrs service may stop intermittently.


Jobs on mirror copy may not be marked as disabled for backup copy past retention

2802, 2803

new VDDK from Vmware


Include VDDK 6.7.2


Live browse fails if EFI partition shows up as a volume.


The job history page is not loading on IE 11 The jobs history page would not display some characters correctly.


Additonal account password will be logged in CVSPBackup.log


Selective Copies of Commserv DR policy may pick all DR jobs instead of selective jobs.

2793, 2794

Backup for SAP HANA HA fails


IBMi backup application size and throughput may be incorrect.


Restore of instance to AWS might fail with error 'Invalid IAM Instance Profile name '


Pipelines may get stuck or receive socket failures due to file system errors.


Unable to recall stubbed files on a Veritas cluster shared volume.


VM may fail to boot from a proxy less backup copy job


VM backups may fail with ReadDiskMetadata error
vsbkp or vsrst process may be left behind when the backup or restore operation is complete.


Request manager operation to export files may fail in Governance App.


Service pack installation on a Microsoft cluster with Content Extractor service may fail.
Service pack installation fails if the MongoDB service fails to start.


System state restore may not bring the machine up


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.27 (Aug 08, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

The APP_CCSTriggerRows table may bloat if offline CCS Laptops Clients are re-configured to a new Associated Subclient Policy.

2782, 2783

SharePoint Online backup process might consume a lot of memory.


Aucopy may fail to recover and read files which are left behind by DDB space reclamation job in some cases


Non dedup pruning may get backlogged.
Media Manager service might run into deadlocks and lock time outs while processing prune response.

2778, 2779, 2781

Azure virtual machine restore may fail in some regions.


O365 Mailbox full backup may fail for huge mailboxes.


Auxcopy job for Isilon offline snapshot replication fails when jobs are processed out-of-order.

2773, 2775

Email Content store (SMTP Gateway) may not clean up all the folders.


VM backups fail randomly with error "Failed to backup disk encryption key details".


A user with email address containing apostrophe is not able to access Command Center


Library detection may fail for Drive identifiers when the number of drives > 400.


Download updates might fail with proxy server enabled.


When editing plan and adding/editong region based storage, storage selection has no affect and the first one is always taken.


Unable to restore from job detail screen.

2762, 2763, 2764, 2765, 2766

Exchange Auto discovery may remove mailboxes erroneously from content.
Exchange Mailbox discovery may crash.


Backup calendar not getting rendered on sql instance screen


PGSQL dump backup may hang on windows clients.


Alert email is showing all protected objects for a backup job


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.26 (Aug 01, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

SSO to Web Console may not function with OKTA.


Nutanix AHV: VM snapshots might not be deleted if AHV fails to provide snapshot list for VM


Recovery client created during 1-touch restore is not getting removed after the operation.


Volume size may not get correctly reported on Linux mount paths where hole drilling is supported.


Mailbox content Indexing may fail.


O365Mailbox Backup may not show any error message in Job Details.


Blank storage tile rendered on plan details screen for rule based storage.


Failures.cvf is corrupted in multi-node backups with multi-threads on a single node


Synthetic full jobs going to pending state with error [Controller] getNextChunksForReplicateReader() response is for a different reader [0]. Expected reader [2]. Controller is exiting in CVJobReplicatorODS.log


Exchange restore may fail for certain calendar items


CvMountd memory consumption may be high.


OneTouch MA not working on 32 bit machine


Parallel incr job is not allowed to run for backup copy.


Oracle VSA AppAware backup does not fail when Oracle DB volumes are non-LVM.


Exchange Mailbox stubs may not show attachment icon.


Hyper-V virtual device node based disk filter may not filter the correct disk.


VSA IntelliSnap 3PAR-hardware snapshots are not being deleted from the array after they have aged


Postgres backup might complete with errors.


Isilon snapshot replication job fails with error "Manually specified snapshot (snapid XXX) is the same or older than snapshot (snapid XXX) used for previous sync"


SAP HANA data only restore from tape media may fail with "The required media is not in the library" error.


OS upgrade of HyperScale nodes may fail with newly uploaded Redhat Rpms.
Unnecessary RPMs get downloaded to CommServe cache and Remote cache on Hyperscale node during OS upgrade.


Index location may keep filling up running CI jobs with temp files until disk is full.


VM Centric LiveSync may not complete due to Index DB Reconstruction


During snap mount operation involving multiple attempts in UNIX environments, the root FS system may get dismounted and may require a reboot


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.25 (Jul 25, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

In Command Center, when getting the NAS File System agent details for a NAS client, the Windows File System agent details page is shown instead of the NAS agent details.


CommserveFailover.xml may get corrupted causing failover operations to fail.


Adminconsole gets stuck when tries to login through cookie


Bonding interface not honoring bonding mode


Outlook contentstore may fail to sync if TLS is enabled on proxy/webconsole


VMWare VM live mount may fail for backup copy.


Oracle 10.2 ASM snap backup via proxy fails to start DB during backup copy
Retries in Oracle RAC backups causing License usage increased by several hundred TB


Hosting a CommServe on Hyperscale nodes may not be possible.


Download of email messages from web console downloaded .msg files instead of .eml files on MAC OS


OpenVMS restores may report incorrect restored data size


Dump based PostgreSQL backup on windows may fail


For Exchange Mailbox classic agent browse in Web console, 'deleted items' are not shown after clicking 'show deleted items' button.


Display appliance dashboard if appliance nodes are pointed to an external CommServe.

2720, 2721

MongoDB oplog backup may fail.


If iDataAgent takes more than 4 hours to process application data keeping the pipeline to MediaAgent idle when writing to HPE StoreOnce via Catalyst, backup jobs can go to pending state because StoreOnce server closed idle data sessions.


Allow cloud recall without requiring browse using copy precedence selection

2718, 2719

Email preview is not asking for user credentials before loading.

2714, 2717

Outlook addin recall may fail for older mail after a user is associated to a new exchange client


Laptops with shared device configuration may backup all data instead of their respective owner user's data.


Data Analytics job may complete with errors.

2710, 2711

Exchange Mailbox backup may succeed even when all messages are not backed up.


Storage pool creation may fail for hyper scale reference architecture


Backup data browse of OES file system agent may not show all backed up objects


Unable to download multiple files from Backup jobs, in Web Console, on MacOS


Push update to already up-to-date clients will also launch installer causing unnecessary install update jobs.

2701, 2703, 2705, 2708

VMware restore performance may be slower than expected.


Exchange Mailbox failures during Archive job due to missing files or folders.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.24 (Jul 22, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Enhancement to introduce an additional setting to disable truncation of dedupe container files.


Increase timeout of index servers to allow more time for Exchange log playback on slower disk or bad network.


Hyperscale nodes may reboot automatically.
Damaged chunks on hyperscale potentially caused during aging operations


Backup or Auxiliary Copy jobs to cloud storage may fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.23 (Jul 18, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Indexing V2 File level restore may fail when browse and restore is performed from backup set level
Download of Virtual machine files from a file level browse fails for indexing V2 enabled clients


Duplicate jobs may be seen in REST API responses.

2691, 2692, 2693

Contents on mount path may show jobs with backup time listed as 12/31/1969.

2689, 2690

Subclient Details Report may not work as expected.
Global Metrics Server may run slow.

2687, 2688

AIX 5.2 File system backup failing in scan phase for upgraded clients


locked file backups may hang and eventually fail, and leave partially staged file when staging disk space is not sufficient


SIDB2.exe on the MediaAgent may not go down when services are stopped.


Mount Paths on HPE StoreOnce Catalyst stores accessed via fibre channel may occasionally go offline.


On Hyperscale nodes, CVMA daemon may crash and /var may fill up.


Inform SQL Server hosting Commserv database about connecting client application name to help with troubleshooting.


VSA backups may not use VM guest size to calculate license usage if guest size is obtained from VM integration service tools
VSA backups no longer using guest size to calculate license usage in synthetic full job causing increase license usage.


Command line to set enable firewall property at a client group.

2679, 2680

Live Sync Failback operation may fail while a backup is running.


Unable to select OS for Hyper-V to VMware conversion when using a linux VSA proxy.


Commvault services may fail to start on Debian clients.


Oracle crossinstancerestore completes with errors on Oracle 10g


VSA backup copy job fails during Dell EMC Unity engine mount operations with error "Failed to get device list before the clone operation for host".


Hide the file indexing and collect metadata options for VSA V2 clients in Command Center.

2673, 2674

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.22 (Jul 11, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Qoperation may fail with "Error code [0x106] Error string [No response from Commserver]"


Not able to disable index related alert for non-indexing MediaAgent.


User may not see delete option on a client with license released.


MongoDB Restore fails with error "Failed to get the source server list for instance"

2666, 2668, 2669

NFS Object store disk cache gets full when there is high dedup hits and high compression ratio.
Commit call back is not taking some extents out of the uncommitted list
When the file size is larger than cache size client gets nospace error.
When truncating file to smaller size, and then truncating back to larger size, incorrect data may be read.
There is a possibility of an occasional crash.


Active clients with the VSA agent may get deconfigured.

2662, 2663

Editing Oracle instance properties forces user to enter Domain/User,Password even though user wants to use "Administrator" user for sqlplus/rman commands.


MongoDB big data apps discover fails with database authentication on existing instance


Download of content indexed email items from Web Console might fail.


Office 365 Group mailbox backup may fail


Synthetic full job may fail, indicates waiting for Index Reconstruction that never starts.

2656, 2657

CVD may crash when DC database population begins.


Protected VM size in License Summary report may be incorrect.

2653, 2654

Updated localization strings
Some previously localized strings may have reverted to English after installing a hotfix pack.

2651, 2652

Updated localization strings
Some previously localized strings may have reverted to English after installing a hotfix pack.


Updated localization strings


Admin console may not show hyperscale storage-pools.


RHEV snap backup may fail due to active snapshot marked as regular snapshot.


Transaction log backups are being converted to Full backups.

2646, 2647

Filtered Amazon virtual machines for backup may still be backed up.


Installation failed on 10.7.* MAC machines


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.21 (Jul 05, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

VM restore to Azure may fail when selecting Auto for VM Size


File level restore from granular metadata collection is very slow for large volumes with millions of files


CVMountD process may crash during Huawei ESXi snap mount.


Jobs may fail due to delay in allocating resources.

2641, 2642

Gluster mount options in /etc/fstab are not being honored while mounting the volume.


Oracle Windows Table Restores does not drop tables on import database before table import.


Exchange online backup job hangs on a regular basis.


Job results directory fails to get created if the clustered disk name has a colon


Windows FS sub-client could return no results under certain conditions


Informix config/log file backup may fail when data and log storage policy are different.


SharePoint 2013 document restore may fail to restore list


Compact files may get left behind by DDB space reclamation job in some cases and also cause read failures due to permission issues.


Command Center may show Active directory clients as not configured


Auxiliary copies remain in a waiting state when cloud mediaagent power management is enabled on DP MA or DDB MA of the destination copy

2627, 2628

Send logs job on Hyperscale MediaAgent may fill up /var partition.


Process manager may not have the correct icon.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.20 (Jun 27, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Move the media mount path from UNC to a local path may fail


VSA backups may not complete when there are virtual machines with Windows 10 update 1903.


Exchange DAG backup may fail during discovery phase.


For subclients associated to subclient policy, user may not be able to modify the default application read buffer size in commcell console.

2620, 2621

Linux 1-Touch backup may hang at 80%


Webadm may crash when delimiter of multipath device is empty.


Live recovery of virtual machine from snap backup may fail with error "There was nothing to restore - subclient(s) not backed up".


SQL backups for commserver failover may incorrectly run as snap full backups.

2615, 2616

Unable to browse content of Windows Server 2003 subclients in commcell console.


Tenants may be able to see clients that they don't have access to in Command center.

2613, 2614

Turn off Index server redirect.


Fix for Failover Config File growing indefinitely on network issues


SharePoint farm WFE backup may fail with a site definition error.


Restore from backup copy of SQL snapshots may fail due to an incorrect MediaAgent being used.

2606, 2608, 2609

Replication to Azure may hang.


Modifying the DR backup properties may reset the password causing backup failures.


VMWare backup copy job fails if other controller nodes have no VMS assigned


Export to cab may fails from Compliance Search.


Snap backup failing


Exported report date and time may not follow regional settings.


REST API endpoint for /subclient with clientName provided may fail.


Exchange Database Message level recovery may fail


Full VM restore for Openstack from command center may finish with "completed w/ errors" stating "Failed to associate floating IP back to instance".


Backup copy jobs for Virtual Server Application Aware with Indexing V2 may fail with database query error.

2596, 2599, 2600

qoperation execute may fail when supplying a new client name in the input XML.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.19 (Jun 20, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Not able to add Amazon SQL client


Hyperscale nodes may reboot automatically.


GlusterFS backups may not backup file paths containing +.


HyperScale node may fail to boot after OS upgrade if Fujitsu services were running
OS upgrade of HyperScale node fails if nagios gluster monitoring plugin is running.


Installing SP15 on Exchange server is causing a reboot for .Net 4.7.2 Also Microsoft doesn't support .Net 4.7.2 on older versions of Exchange

2587, 2591

Commserver services may terminate when a user logs in Commcell console.


Not all files with duplicate names may to protected when running a legal hold job.
Exporting all items from a review set may fail.


Push installation on a client using remote cache may not install the correct service pack.

2582, 2583, 2584

Support for activating and deactivating an organization from the Python SDK.

2580, 2581

File Analytics client list may take longer time to load.

2575, 2577, 2579

Snap jobs with backup copy between 7 and 8 AM may not be counted in SLA.

2576, 2578

SharePoint Incremental backup Completes with Errors and report failures for "Commvault refresh changetoken" in the logs.


Intermittently attachments are failing to be attached in report emails.


SharePoint O365 backup might fail with CVSPBackup2013.exe crash.


Recovery of multi DDB may get stuck in the post recovery phase.


Unable to log in via ContentStore email viewer when TLS 1.2 is enabled.
Not all emails may be visible in ContentStore email viewer.


One drive backup of large files may fail.
Backup may finish with Completed With Errors if some users do not have onedrive quota
One drive backup browse may show users that have no OneDrive files.


Salesforce backup job may not complete.

2565, 2566

Update status may show incorrect status for clients.

2567, 2569

Nutanix AHV snap backups are not engaging the application for app aware backups.


Only the first assigned Nutanix SMB storage virtual machine may be protected with application consistency.


VMware backups may fail to read disk data.


Client Job history may show Data Written as 0 bytes in commcell console.

2561, 2563

First VSA V2 backup job after installation goes to pending in archive index phase and then on resume works


SAML login with classic association will not work

2557, 2558

File analytics index pruning may fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.18 (Jun 13, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

SQL differential backups may run after the server plan is changed to run full backups in Command center.

2554, 2555

Command center to handle passwords with special characters correctly.

2552, 2553

Backupsets are not shown for Windows agents of NAS clients


Sometimes a duplicate device controller for the same device id, media agent id combination gets created.


Unable to create Metric reports schedule on clustered CS
Metrics upload may not work on metrics server in a clustered environment.

2549, 2550, 2551

Command Center Console has no restore button available when browsing and selecting a file version.


User may not be able to log into GUI after update install job.

2543, 2544, 2546

Chunk metadata may get deleted after a full reconstruction on compacted DDB


Web console SLA report Time Frame option may not work.

2540, 2541

Incremental backups may intermittently not run optimized scan on some shares, if share names have underscore character in it
Incremental scans might fail intermittently
Incremental backups may show inconsistent results when subclient contains multiple shares


Unable to select any option in the command center after a browse failure.


If an SFILE_CONTAINER is found to be corrupt during dedupe pruning, pruning might be retried repeatedly with no effect.


CISCO C240 HyperScale node may not boot to the new kernel after the upgrade to 3.10.0-957.1.3.el7.x86_64.


Secondary file compaction may report success even if there was a failure in compacting a secondary file


HotfixPack download is not incremental


The CWE setting under Job Management -> Job Status on Errors -> MS SQL Server -> 'Mark job as complete when No databases qualify for backup' does not work prior to V11 SP16 and job status is incorrectly set to Failed in this case.


Backups may not dedupe with HyperScale storage pool.

2531, 2532

Command Center dashboard drop down is missing in Edge browser.


Commserve performance may degrade during OneDrive backups


Restore from SQL block level backups may fail.


NAS NDMP restore may not use configured proxy and fail.


Tunneled connections may stall after network errors


Hide file indexing and collect metadata for VSA V2 clients in Command Center


VSA backup may fail with error "Error in creating VM clients or subclients"

2526, 2528

OpenStack VM restores may not complete on certain distributions.


Loss of communication, CVFWD taking 100% of CPU on clients


Download fails for Hotfix packs because of extra path separator when MAX_PATH exceeds for Windows


VM Clients names may be incorrectly updated by a v10 VSA proxy.

2518, 2519

Amazon RDS snapshot copy may fail with error "The snapshot requires a target option group with the following options" when custom option group is specified for RDS instance.


Optimized scan may be slow for Windows file system backup, if content has many re-parse points.


Tape import may fail if index archive gets merged first.

2516, 2517

The download of for email may not work for journal /user mailbox.


VMware CBT may be enabled while there are pre-existing snapshots on the VM


Shortcuts are recreated on laptop clients during service pack installation

2507, 2511

Services may not start on Amazon Linux 2 upon reboot.


CCM merge may fail with error "Unkown client ids of cluster"

2509, 2510

Backup copy operation may fail.


HANA log backups work only for one HANA instance in the FlexFrame environment.


Content store mailbox creation may fail

2503, 2508

Playback could fail with ISAM error 533 during inserting record to Location table


Auxcopy job may fail with reservation errors.

2501, 2502

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.17 (Jun 06, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Improve user experience for Entitlement Management dashboard.

2498, 2499

Some users may not able to access Web console with error "Error while loading applications. Please contact administrator."

2496, 2497

HyperScale nodes may become unresponsive after reboot due to wrong UUID in /etc/fstab


ScaleOut/Hyperscale network bonding defaults to round-robin(mode=0) regardless of option selected during setupsds


Browse and restore of windows machine data using a Unix mediaagent may fail.


SharePoint Account validation may fail in TLS 1.2 environment.


Replication groups grid, does not show the configured replication groups in command center.


Empty vApp when included in subclient content backup fails


Data analytics job may fail for subclients with aged backup jobs.

2491, 2495

Retention setting may not be shown at the sub client level when it is set at subclient policy level.

2486, 2487

Linux 1-Touch: system state backup might fail when machine has PVs as multipath disk partitions


Oracle OSC schedule may fail to probe if the machine is a VM


Commserve failover configuration may throw error when Commserv is on German locale

2481, 2482, 2483

Viewing jobs at the copy level can be slow for a higher number of jobs

2479, 2480

Rest API to convert a storage policy to a plan may fail.


VSA V2 Synthetic full job fails when file indexing is enabled.


Command Center custom logo may not open on first load, opens on refresh

2473, 2478

Auxiliary copy jobs may fail with a database timeout error.

2475, 2477

Index gateway service may not start when IPv6 is enabled on the machine.


SharePoint Farm Backup may display 'Backup Pending' for some databases in the 'Status' tab after successful job.

2470, 2471

Client level Job throttling may not be honored when resuming jobs that are queued

2468, 2469

Can lose license information after Commserver failover


Linux mediaagent admins may receive email about log rotate failures.


Snapshots may not be deleted from a NetApp E-series array.


Chargeback report configuration gets resetting even when Chageback is selected under Private metrics reporting.


Generation of stub report for larger mailboxes may fail.


Modifying an Oracle Instance may cause Commserver services to terminate unexpectedly.


VSA backups of VMs on NFS datastores may take longer than expected.


Failed restore jobs may be shown in job history for all users.

2460, 2461

Solaris 1-touch recovery fails in a firewalled setup.


Unable to view review sets in compliance search.

2456, 2457

Update operation may remove passwords for Exchange Online accounts.


VM Tags as a filter may not work as expected when the tag does not exist.


Virtual machine client names may be incorrect.

2453, 2455

Updated installer translations, including fixing "Configure process manager shortcut" where the translations still contained the old strings which translated to "Do not configure process manager shortcut" which is the opposite of what the option does.

2450, 2452

Stub recalls may fail if extended attributes stream exists in the archived file for cmode netapp filers.


SharePoint Online restore with "skip" option may overwrite "Renamed" existing documents.


SharePoint office 365 incremental backup may take a long time on smaller sites.


Compliance search does not redirect the user to login page when session times out.
Bulk export operation in Compliance search may try to submit aged items when performing operation from compliance search.


SharePoint office 365 backups may complete with failed items for catalogs users.


MS SQL instance details may not show subclients in Command center.


VSA to skip google cloud encrypted disks.


Enhancement to allow setting of client group as proxy host form virtual server agent using CV python sdk.

2441, 2442

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.16 (May 30, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Azure SQL backup may fail with authentication errors.


HTTP vulnerability in Index Server.


View schedules from client computer group in Commcell console for a client may not be displayed.

2437, 2438

Command center plan details page may not load.


File Scan may take additional time to complete during scan of a trueup job


Automatic schedule of synthetic full may not run for some clients.

2433, 2435

Failback is failing from Azure to VMware


Unable to start a restore job of Openstack agent from Command Center.

2429, 2430, 2431

Alerts associated to a custom email template may have duplicate content.

2426, 2427, 2428

Restore job summary report may not populate "Failed Objects" or "Successful Files" in restore file list.


Changes to data path on storage policy may fail.

2422, 2423

Enhancement to allow multiple FREL proxy clients to be used for IP customization during LiveSync.
LiveSync jobs may not complete with errors when IP customization requests fail.


64bit Mac package is using 32bit installer


DR backup folder may not be cleaned periodically.
Differential CommserveDR backup may be converted to FULL when metadata directory is on a network path.


Adding items to review set may be slow when the emails have large attachments.


Bulk-delete request may fail for OpenStack Cloud library pruning.
Azure Archive objects recall for Azure Cloud library may fail if the credential is using SAS token.


Unable to update client display name or client description via Python SDK

2418, 2419

SQL log backup may be always convert to full backup.

2411, 2412, 2413, 2415

Auxcopy job may fail with error "Unable to attach to CVD" after the commserver machine is rebooted.


Windows files system backup may try to backup files that has been deleted on every attempted job


Commcell Console may hang when creating SharePoint Online backupset.


Content indexing of emails may be slow.

2405, 2410, 2414

VSA snap backups may hang when using a single tape drive.


VSA synthetic full backup may be stuck in a waiting state in the preparation phase.
VSA synthetic full jobs may fail with error "CVOnDemandSvcClient::SubmitTask failed to start ods on host, Unable to attach to cvd at media agent".

2404, 2407, 2409

CaseManager with reviewset hold may not work with export API.


Open Stack virtual machine restore may fail when cinder quota is enforced.


Unable to append contents to SharePoint documents subclient without overwriting the existing content using command line.


OneDrive incremental backup may backup more files than expected


VSA AHV incremental backups may be treated as Full backups.
Nutanix VSA backups VMs may fail with error "Snapshot does not exist".


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.15 (May 23, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

NAS client NFS export permissions may get changed.


Proxy name may not be displayed in via-proxy routes under Client/Group->Properties->Network->OutGoingRoutes when the proxy is a client


Google cloud VM backups may be marked successful when a snapshot cannot be created for one or more disks.


Restarted VSA backup jobs may be run as incremental instead of full.


duplicate users across different Cloud Apps subclients may get removed from subclients

2389, 2393, 2395, 2396

Journal emails archived using ContentStore Mailbox may not be visible in browse.


Pruning may not honor Operation Window settings.


Unable to discover Exchange O365 group mailboxes.
Backup of delegate mailboxes may not work as expected


Job pending reason for waiting aux jobs may not be correct.


Backup jobs may fail with reservation errors.

2382, 2383

Azure Virtual Server agent backup may complete with error " VM not found".


VMs that have activity control disabled may not be backed up.


Fujitsu ETERNUS AF S2 Series- snap target volumes may not be returned to the free snapshot target volume during data aging.


Unsupported account types are being shown in the Credential Manager

2378, 2384

File level analytics on a client group may time out when logged-in user has permission on large number of clients in the client group.
Exporting all data to CSV from file analytics report does not work for active directory user when there is firewall between domain server and web server even after configuring commvault network topology correctly.


Live Browse from secondary copy may fail.


File system backup to handle journal corruptions errors.


Data restore from NFS object store may fail.
3dfs backup may fail forever when an extent is not present in diskcache.


Entity extraction may find incorrect phone numbers.

2376, 2377

Feedback button shows inverted for non-latin languages


File analytics csv export may fail.

2368, 2369, 2370

Edge Monitor app on MAC may send excessive queries to LDAP server to check if the logged in user is an AD user.


Incremental GlusterFS backups may fail when volume name has underscore character in it


Commcell migration imports may fail if there are multiple cluster clients on source CommCell.
Cross version commcell migrations may fail.

2365, 2366

Security fix to block external redirects from Webconsole.


Install of file system agent may fail on SLES 15


Amazon EBS volume backup copy may fail.


Commserver database may bloat.

2358, 2360, 2361

Restore of HANA snap backup using proxy media agent may fail.


AWS EC2 backup may filter some non marketplace instances during backup.


Backup jobs using Data Server IP fail.


CVD service may not start on windows 7 32-bit machine


[Entity Extraction] Derived entity detection may fail.


Users may see error page after auto logout after timeout in Adminconsole.


Lotus notes backup may fail.


Database deadlocks may happen during AuxCopy jobs.

2350, 2352, 2353

Drives or mount paths on a HyperScale node may be marked offline.
No alerts are being generated when drives on a HyperScale node go offline or bad.
HyperScale brick daemon status is not being marked offline when drives go offline or bad.


When a new version is created, older versions are getting overwritten with new metadata


VMware LiveSync Failover group does not list live sync replicated VMs in Select Machines step in CommCell Console.
VirtualizeMe HyperV screen does not list clients even with proper permission

2346, 2347

Restore or backup job may fail during pipeline setup with invalid socket handle error sometimes.


Guest file level Restore Browse option is not working with different destination vCenter


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.14 (May 17, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Live sync for tenant admin: A tenant admin, is not able to create replication target, view, edit the replication target and override even if he has permissions of the destination client.


NFS Object store creation fails if Linux Index Server is used.


Licensing usage change to determine number of users for the files analyzed


User will not be able to download files if the latest job run for the selection is a snap backup job.

2336, 2337, 2338

Azure snap restores for managed VM may fail.


When running multi stream synthetic full jobs on Hyperscale environment, the large number of streams used by synthetic full jobs may cause deadlock situation.

2333, 2334

ganesha.nfsd process crashes when NFS object store is accessed from windows clients using NFSv3 protocol.


Backup jobs may fail with error 'Failed to get media information for the volume'.

2331, 2332

GUI freezes while opening copy properties as first operation after reopening the GUI


Top 25 Growing Clients report is counting sizes protected by both Virtual Server and other agents.
Fallen Behind Secondary Copies report may show incorrect values in Total App Size To Be Copied column.


VSA synthetic full backups may fail when content indexing option is selected.


A tenant user may see auxillary copy schedules he does not have access to in Command center.

2326, 2328

Full machine restores for OpenVMS may hang


Certificate failure due to case sensitive client name not matched in the commserv database.


Unable to see all the available destination clients when restoring SQL database in Command center.

2321, 2322

schedule report output will not be send text output over email correctly


Unable to select Linux client as destination for file level restore from VSA backup in Command center.

2318, 2319

Storage Information Report may show storage policies which are not associated to the user.

2316, 2317

HyperScale hardware alert may include NICs that not in use.


Live browse of AWS snap backups may fail when using an alternate virtual server agent proxy machine.


Stubbing of NetApp files with extended attribute might fail.


VCS cluster install may create virtual clients with the wrong IP addresses.


Browse operation on big dataset causes CVODS to crash.
Browse with ACL check shows folders in denied list.


REST API to get jobs may not sort results by jobId when invoked without paging.
REST API to get jobs does not return size on media for completed jobs.

2309, 2310

File scan may fail when processing previously failed items.


Restoring encrypted google mail may fail.
Pending gmail restore jobs may show incorrect job status.


CVD Process May Crash during Full VM Restore


SQL agent subclient content may show an incorrect number of databases.


SQL database subclient content change to "Do Not Backup" may not work via script.


My Data page in web console may not load.

2302, 2303

Migrated storage policies delete may fail with license error

2300, 2301

When switching between pages, user sees a something went wrong message.


Policies were being shown by default to all upgraded customers.


Unable to configure live sync from VMware to Amazon in Commcell console.


Command Center may report incorrect "Latest recovery point" on VM summary screen.

2298, 2299

If Synthetic Full backs up 75% less data than the previous Synthetic Full, data aging gets disabled


"Enable after delay" option in Activity Control may not work as expected.

2292, 2293

Oracle backup copy may request older tapes.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.12 (May 09, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

License usage for VSA backups may be incorrect.

2289, 2290

Custom reports may not work with custom date range option.
Report with required commcell Input does not load when there is only one commcell.


Outlook add-in may not show emails imported from classic agent


IMAP client may not show encrypted messages correctly.


Backup and restore job get failed with this error log in SQLiDA.log. Error Log : "CvManagedLoggerObject reference not set to an instance of an object."


Network cards with enp interface names are skipped from dashboard and alerts

2283, 2285

AWS snapshot backup may fail.


Data verification of jobs on secondary copy may fail when parallel copy option is enabled.

2280, 2281

Edge drive Offline mode on macOS may be disabled incorrectly.


Hardware refresh of CommServe using an existing DB dump may fail in database upgrade phase with error "Product [CommServ] is not supported.".


Object store/edge drive alerts may not work as expected.


CvMountd may crash during hardware monitoring data collection.


Deleted clients may be listed in version and service pack report.

2273, 2274, 2275

'Managed Disk Space' may get enabled for snap copy during storage policy creation with job based retention


Ability to generate additional diagnostic information during synthetic full jobs.


SharePoint Restore may not complete.
SharePoint Online restore to disk may fail.


SMTP gateway server may not receive email messages from Office 365 cloud when TLS 1.2 option is enabled.

2268, 2269

Content indexing pruning may not finish.


Commserve live sync may replicate a stale database post unplanned failover.

2266, 2267

Support for screen readers and other accessibility software to work correctly for search area in My Data section in Web Console.


Guest file restore may fail if the user selects a client with only file system core package installed in Command Center.

2259, 2260, 2261, 2262, 2263

Virtual server snap backup copy may fail with error "Unknown VMInfo Error".


Tenant admin may not be able to configure an exchange backup in Command center.


After a successful Live Recovery job, the MAC address may differ from the source machine.
Software snapshot is left on VM after a full VM restore.


Chargeback Report may not count backup size of Archive Logs.

2255, 2256

VVOL snap backups not quiesing guest file system for vm


Enhancement to automatically start space reclamation jobs on mount paths that do not support sparse files when free space falls below 50%.

2252, 2254

Application size and last backup time values in command center under file system Servers may be shown incorrectly.

2249, 2250

HyperScale hardware monitoring report may show wrong status for network interface.


1-touch restore may attempt to restore unmapped volumes.
1-touch restore may assign incorrect drive letters to restored volumes.
Incorrect DNS and WINS IP entries might get assigned to network interfaces post 1-touch restore
On first boot post 1-touch restore, volumes selected for the restore may be left with "oneTouch_drive.cvf" files on them at the root level


Recovery Point creation from backup copy may fail for App-Aware IntelliSnap on SQL Sever.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.11 (May 02, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Automatic client groups with owner set as AD user group may incorrectly disassociate valid clients.

2244, 2245

Offline content indexing schedule may not save the selected mediaagent.


Xen virtual machine backups may fail.


Exchange CI job for user mail box and journal mail box may fail.


SAML app to manage different company users

2236, 2239, 2241, 2242, 2243

Unable to set a destination host when creating replication group in Command center.


Admin console: When user creates a target from storage target and tries to navigate to the target details page, in the navigation replication is shown instead of storage.


Quota is not enforced for VM provisioning system.

2233, 2235

Folder size may be wrong when performing browse of file system data.


Storage accelerator package is installed as laptop


User Centric Activation is failing

2229, 2230

License capacity consumed by virtual server agent backups may be incorrect.

2226, 2227

WebConsole users may not receive search results.


When user does "View Auxiliary Copy Jobs" at storage policy level, the "Storage Policy/Copy Name" column will show value "N/A" instead of correct names.


AWS intellisnap Live browse of linux file system may fail with error 'Browse failed due to error while mounting virtual machine: Unrecognized error [54].' (Incorrect availability zone)


application aware workflow job might encounter error when updating the status when the client has large number of Instances associated

2223, 2224

Command line service on Commserve may may terminate unexpectedly.


Unable to pick a credential during storage pool creation from AdminConsole


Unattended installation of Linux clients may not honor the "overrideClientInfo" option.


Enhancement to allow modification of job restart settings for Site Replication jobs


Storage Policy Report may fail to generate with some copies are associated with custom calendar.

2216, 2217

Backup Citrix Xen mobile server VMs may fail.


After Live Sync Planned Failover, Failback may fail with status as "Needs Sync"


User needs to manually type password to login into Commcell console App.


Download of file version from Edge drive may download the incorrect file.


Backup jobs may fail with error "Received a PL_FS_SIGNATURE when none was expected".

2209, 2210, 2211

Browse and restore using a secondary index cache server may fail.


Backup performance to HPE StoreOnce Catalyst may be slow.


The TempDB may become large.

2206, 2207

MySql backup may lock tables causing transaction failure.


Virtual machines after a synthetic full backup may show incorrect status with zero KB backup size

2202, 2203

Storage spaces live browse may fail.


Restore VM is connecting to standard switch if the network name is same as the intended standard switch


Amazon RDS restore job may be marked as failed even though the restore from snapshot is successful.


Registration with CS fails with HS3300 CS VM


Backup of vCloud 9.1 virtual machines may fail.


HyperScale appliance advanced network configuration may error out while configuring bond when IP is already assigned to a bond.


VM Groups page on command center may not load.

2195, 2196, 2197

The user emailId is not updated after registration if CommVaultId linking is successful.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.10 (Apr 25, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Download Center may not show all the registered packages.


Tenant Admins and Tenant users are not able to see Exchange solution on Command Center

2186, 2188, 2190

Few objects may be missed from IBM i backup
Backup job of Library file system may fail when a library gets deleted during scan.
CVD process may stop intermittently on IBM i client


HyperScale drive status many not be correct in Command center.


Commcell console may show control characters like '\n' instead of an empty line in some translations
Commcell console may show some strings in English that were translated in previous service packs
Fixed incorrect translation in Command Center

2181, 2182

"Size of Stored Data" on tapes may show as 0 bytes

2183, 2184

3PAR IntelliSnap operation may fail in UNIX hosts with the following error - "Failed to get array info. Please enter array info from Array Management. : [3PAR-TP_prepareDevices[Local]: The device /dev/sdg does not belong to 3PAR array. Vendor of the device is - and product line"


HyperScale node may not boot in new kernel after upgrading OS
HyperScale volume size may not display correctly after upgrading the nodes.
HyperScale node upgrade failure may be falsely reported as success.


HyperScale factory reset may hang while detaching peer nodes.


Job Manager service on Commserver may crash when running Virtual Server backup for a VM that has a high number of disks.


Informix backup of a V9 client may fail with V11 CS setup.


Schedule policy screen may not sort or find client names properly.


Error message "XML error: Please refer to logs for more details" may be reported when trying to view backupset/subclient details in Commcell console.

2174, 2175

DDB may hang when the MediaAgent services are stopped.


Ability to show original attachments in IMAP client.


Hide job start feature.


Analytics page is blank in IE10/11.


Search for file names in virtual machines hosted by HyperV may not yield any results.


SAP HANA snap backup on Azure client may fail.


Drive browse page might load slowly if there are lot of activities under current folder.


Scheduled IntelliSnap backups may not run the catalog phase.

2164, 2165

VMware Backup Failed using TrueUp: Could not read data from the virtual disk


Backup of virtual machines using SMB on Nutanix file server may fail with error VSS_E_UNSUPPORTED_CONTEXT


Add remote client may fail.

2160, 2161

File system browse may fail in the GRC commcell after client migration.

2158, 2159

O365 user based licenses may count users multiple times

2153, 2154, 2156, 2157

Changes to handle usernames containing "\x".

2152, 2155

DDB stores may get marked corrupted after move

2147, 2150, 2151

Cannot create new sub-client with content from sub-client deleted via Command Center.
Unable to edit sharepoint service account from admin console when the account info is not set

2143, 2149

Full VM snap restores not restoring vm to vm folder


CVC recover will restrict the operations only to the installed client.

2141, 2145

FS live Sync is shown in Command Center and Java Console

2140, 2148

Number of laptops in the plan dashboard in Command center may be incorrect.

2144, 2146

3dfs backup fails


NetApp NDMP incremental backup jobs may complete with partial-success when backing up from a snapmirror copy.


Block Level restore may cause the client to reboot.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.9 (Apr 18, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Content-indexing may show duplicate items when backing up file shares.


Unable to add user to company dashboard in Cloud.commvault.com.

2132, 2133, 2134, 2136, 2137

Support for backup to Amazon Deep archive


Creation of OCUM storage policy using GDSP may not associate the mediaagent and library to the snap copy..


Service Pack upgrade may not populate regions and zones information.

2128, 2129

HyperScale nodes post upgrade may not come up after reboot if bonding is enabled


File recalls may be slow.


CIFS shares mounted on Linux hosts may not be unmountable untill commvault services are stopped


Loading of client properties in Commcell console may show an XML error popup.

2124, 2126

Changing Plan Exchange Mailbox for auto discover associations is removing the association.

2120, 2123, 2127

HyperScale appliance install may fail during Commserve install.
Hyperscale install after commserve initialization may fail due to low memory.


SQL restore job may fail when using a secondary copy.


Get Job REST API may fail when category is passed as Active or Finished.

2117, 2118

Not all jobs are getting synced.

2111, 2112, 2113, 2114

Some Clients/MediaAgents do not show up in "Client Computers" selection list on throttling setup tab.


Fixes for licensing calculations.

2108, 2109

Enhancement to allow deleting of log files older than X days.


SAP user cannot open an archived attachment.

2103, 2104

Select packages while add software is not available


32 bit SQL agent may be deconfigured state and not running any backups.

2100, 2101, 2105, 2106

IBM i disaster recovery may fail.


Admin console may not list synthetic full jobs when viewing backups of a subclient.


Config file backup for Informix may fail.


Block level backup may go to pending state if there is no content to backup.


When copying contents from one Subclient Properties description to another the very last letter in the line is removed and a blank line above the sentence is inserted.


SAP user cannot open an archived attachment.

2091, 2093

Ability to hide location information from user preferences page in web console.

2090, 2098, 2099

Job progress does not get updated in job controller page in admin console


VSA backup may fail with error "Error in creating VM clients or subclients"

2087, 2088

Performance improvements for large CommCells.

2085, 2086

When a client part of proxy group in Via-proxy topology is used as part of another non-proxy topology, the proxy may go into lockdown status and does not allow installation.
Installing via proxies when the proxy is involved in a Smart Topology may results in certificate errors.

2082, 2083, 2084

Extended properties may not load and save properly for clients when display name is different from client name.

2079, 2080, 2081

Download of a file from a Virtual machine backup may fails when using the HyperScale appliance.

2076, 2077, 2078

Unable to change the plan for an mailbox user in command center.

2074, 2075

Windows File System compare for restore of System State may not show service pack level of the source machine.

2072, 2073

Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.7 (Apr 11, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Webserver cache may be filled up during IMAP sync

2070, 2071

Attachments may not appear in Outlook content store.
Digitally signed email preview is not available


Anomalies being triggered every day for Root Size


Localization for reports


Localization update for AdminConsole, Tab files and Java GUI

2065, 2067

Localization update for WebConsole


Writing data to NFS object store may with no space error.
High water mark for NFS cache may not be honored.
Reboot of NFS object store server may be delayed when CIFS access to NFS object store is enabled.


Running Job Summary query may fail if subclient name with a length larger than 100

2061, 2062

Log lines indicating data loss errors were logged in ArchiveIndex.log when infact there is no data loss.


Metrics reports may not show the latest information when FIPS is enabled on the web server.


Live sync replication job may not trigger when copy precedence is specified.

2058, 2060

Cannot save backupset without Azure credentials, when they are not needed in restore to disk scenario.


Outlook content store may not show original attachments when the sync is in progress.


NDMP backup pre/post scripts may fail.


Machine may fail to boot after 1-touch restore.
1-touch restores of an MA configured with a locally attached PNP drive may result in the PNP drive losing its drive letter.


Disabled mailboxes may consume Exchange Mailbox license.

2053, 2055

Search by Exchange client name may not work in Command center


SQL cluster clients may not not be listed for restore of SharePoint database.


Clones are being left over on INFINIDAT after VSA Multi-Node Mount Backup Copy job - "Update VolSnapInfo failed".


Google Mail Compliance Search download may not work


PII entity may not be detected in a document if there are multiple occurrences of the same.

2044, 2045

Simple recovery model SharePoint database may be skipped during differential backup.


Exchange live browse restore to PST may fail


File server is not getting associated to a plan from FS Getting Started

2038, 2042

The virtual machine count on company page may be incorrect.

2039, 2041

FS getting started step 2 is marked as complete even if no plans are associated to client


Files may be marked as stubs incorrectly after a file system archiving job.


Large filesystem restore may hang.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.6 (Apr 05, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

SharePoint 2016 Database backup may fails with error "Strong name validation failed".


Command center may not load in IE.


Media agent power management option for AWS may not work if the access is restricted to one region.

2032, 2034, 2035

Adminconsole URL launched at the end of installation doesn't work due to incorrect port number


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure restores may not work from command center.

2028, 2029

Client/group level network configuration may go missing when network topology is updated.

2026, 2027

CvMountd service may hang on a Hyper Scale node.


Full virtual machine restore may choose incorrect vCenter.


Export job from review set may fail especially when data is originated from legal hold.

2024, 2025

Searching any value in the identity servers page grid may not provide any search results.
SAML login for domain users may not work intermittently unless web server is restarted or login is tried after worst case 20mins from SAML app creation or web server cache is being refreshed.

2020, 2023

Out of place full virtual machine restore may use incorrect vCenter.


The actions dropdown would not open sometimes in new grids.


Appliance dashboard does not come up as default on HS3300.


The conversion of the nvarchar value overflowed int

2017, 2019

Osc checks fails with error=6 when launching sqlplus process on some Windows setups with Oracle Instance OS User value "/".


High CPU usage during a SharePoint backup may be observed.


Email download may fail


Email search API may fail


Unix install may fail on machines with zero-byte "dd" utility


Subclient properties may show properties for a different subclient.


Client may not be able run backups after a name change operation if there is a one way network tunnel from client to CommServer.


Activities for shared files/folders are not getting displayed in edge


Hyper scale /var may be full with lot of dump files.


Installing updates may fail on HyperScale node


Unable to execute default workflows available in commserve.


Unable to delete storage policy associated to a plan.


Isilon NAS NDMP Backup may be unsuccessful in deleting the BRE context.


Downloading emails from webconsole is failing


Users who don't have view permission on commserv client might not be able to create/edit client groups.


CVD service on media agent may consume a lot of memory.


Sendlogs for a blr pair does not send logs corresponding to the pair


Disabling "Remote WIA Setup" radio button from remote troubleshooting info page.


Full VM restore to Azure may fail with invalid argument error.
Backup may fail for Azure VMs that have multiple disks that are 4TB or larger.


Export job from review set may fail especially when data is originated from legal hold.

2005, 2006

Key to disable synthetic full job without a new incremental backup job running


Clean up tile is not shown on health report.
Details on Disk pruning tile doesn't show correct data.
DDB backup tile doesn't show data.
Summary for CVRMS dashboard doesn't match with the health report.

1990, 1991

Incremental jobs may be converted to full after a secondary copy is promoted to primary if there are incremental jobs with no backed up data in the latest cycle.


Splunk package should not be available for installation

1987, 1988

Web console may load slow.


AWS backup may fail intermittently.


Admin console page may load a page continuously.


Ability to show original attachments in IMAP client.

1985, 1986

IntelliSnap backup job using IBM SVC engine may fail to create a snap due to a VSS timeout when consistency group configuration is enabled.


Unable to associate a plan to a new virtual client from the command center.


Nutanix AHV Job fails with an error ''Failed to refresh service provider".


Capacity license usage of Virtual Server Agent may be higher than usual.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.4 (Mar 29, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Linux 1-Touch backup may change the permission of syslib during backup.


More data may be transferred over the network when the source and destination copies have different dedup block sizes.

1975, 1976

Content store outlook addin may not show encrypted or digitally signed email attachments correctly.


Not able to add server when there's no plan selected.


Service pack install may fail.

1972, 1973

SQL transaction log backups may be converted to full.

1969, 1970

CommServ Live Sync may not sync all the databases.

1967, 1968

Health Report: Version and service pack tile may show as critical even after installing the latest hot fix pack.

1964, 1965, 1966

Exchange mailbox user listing in command center may be slow.


Service account deletion may cause Exchange backups to fail


Getting nfs object status from GUI always fails.


Mailboxes which are deleted from Exchange may not be allowed to modify retention policy.

1959, 1960

Restart of Commvault NFS service may force all the NFS clients to remount the share.


VMware VSA Linux VM restores may fail to boot due to the disks having the wrong boot order in BIOS


Live sync direct may fail for vvol virtual machines.
Cross vcenter restore may fail for vvol virtual machines.


Install Updates job may be stuck in waiting state.


AWS S3 Cloud library may fail to connect using IAM role on EC2 MediaAgent.


The Nutnaix NFS backup job fails during backup phase while mounting the share


Incremental jobs intermittently seem to be backing up files that are backed up earlier


CS VM Initialization fails if CS software is installed on another drive apart from E:


Form field under toggle accordion select had scroll , when it has select
Add company didn't load custom domain and save its info
Virtualization tab showed up when vm group association at add server group modal is selected.
Fix FS servers filtering issue
Plan type column was not shown in edit plans grid in company details page.
Backup now action is not working in subclient configuration page
Discover Instances action is missing in Oracle agent details page


VSA SAN mode backup copy may fail when using a Tegile array.


Backup status of clients in Web console my data page may not be accurate.


cross region restore job fails with Key does not exist failure


OpenStack : Content browse and backups may not work in multi-region environment.


Pruning may fail on dedupe stores on which defragmentation was run.


Folder permissions in Edge drive may not be set properly.


Disk, Cloud and Tape Library Growth in Health reports show Current Month Change and Previous Month Change as N/A.
Client Details report may fail with converting data type error.
Index Cache Space Utilization and DDB Disk Space Utilization in Health report are not showing correct date to be full.
Metrics query 39 were failing with arithmetic overflow errors.

1942, 1943, 1944

Index cache space may have stale index files.


slow functionality and high memory
Is username contains a single quote, the adminconsole page won't load
Plan details don't load


Enable Mark And Sweep feature by default

1937, 1938

Backups of VMs on FusionStorage may fail.


CommServe event manager process may terminate unexpectedly when an AD user tries to login using Two-factor authentication.


Contents on mount path may show jobs with backup time listed as 12/31/1969.

1933, 1934

Push installation of client names with Unicode characters may fail.


Erroneous "No recent DDB backup" alert may be sent for DDB subclients that are completing backups successfully.

1930, 1932

Added support for AliCloud Storage Tiers: Standard, IA, and Archive.
Added support for AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive.
Dedupe restore may fail for Alicoud cloud library.
Bulk-delete request may fail for OpenStack cloud library.

1928, 1929

Virtual Machine may not boot after a succesful restore.


VM life cycle policy expiration is stuck in deleting few VMs.


Save appliance platform type information in the commserv database


Total backup size under FS Backupset and Subclient Details page in Admin Console shows invalid backup size

1923, 1925

End user / Compliance search on Mailbox Index / Journal Index may fail if view is set to Files/Emails (default view)


One Drive backup may skip files during backup when OneNote is enabled


Memory configuration for workflow engine is not maintained after service pack installation


Database backups may fail if client is at an older service pack version


Identity Server addition may fail when the AD account used for authentication contains a "$" symbol in the password.


The analytics report for NAS CIFS shares does not contain information on filtered items.


Log average time for various operations on MediaAgent to troubleshoot backup slowness.


CvMountD service on Mediaagent may crash during AWS snapshot copy job.


Push installs of windows client may fail.


Stubbing of files may be skipped if only FS advanced package is installed.


Synthetic full job may take a long time to complete when data sets are large and many incremental jobs are involved.


Appmanmager node service may not start


Review Deleted Files alert might get triggered on laptop clients.

1909, 1910

Jobs on spool copy may not age after aux copy or backup copy operation

1907, 1908

VMware backup may fail for VMs on an NFSv4 Datastore.


The Active jobs page had performance issues when receiving frequent updates.
The column filtered icon would not display on some grids.
The searchbar would not work on some grids.


Oracle VM VSA backups fail for VMs using old disk format hd<x>


SLA report is not working with Nothing to Backup feature.
SLA report may show 'No Schedule' incorrectly.

1902, 1904

If webconsole timesout even when adminconsole session is active, the user will be logged out.

1900, 1903

Linux 1-Touch restore may fail to map disks correctly for SLES 12.x machines with multi path disks
Linux 1-Touch detection of response file from USB may fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.2 (Mar 21, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Command Center dashboard shows incorrect service pack soon after upgrade.


Multiple DDB reconstruction jobs may be launched incorrectly.

1895, 1896, 1897

Backup library pruning may be slow.

1893, 1894

Hyper Scale appliance configuration install may not be restart able.


Cloud users may not able to access Profile dashboard on cloud.commvault.com.
Users may not able to view users who have access to commcell on cloud.commvault.com.

1888, 1890, 1891, 1892

Command center may load slowly.


Subclient policies properties screen may load very slow


Network mount path of magnetic library may be incorrectly marked offline.


NDMP Intellisnap mount from secondary snapshot may fail if the array host name doesn't resolve to its management interface.


Content indexing pruning may fail.


Reconstruction job may fail on compacted Deduplication database.

1881, 1882

File Level browse of virtual machine in Command center may not work.

1879, 1880

Commserve LiveSync setup may fail.

1876, 1877, 1878

Move mount path may incorrectly mark the other mount paths as disabled.

1874, 1875

Fix for failure during Edge Synthfull job while Datacube service is restarted in the middle


On Server Plan Details user would not be able to disable backup copy for snapshot options.

1870, 1871, 1872, 1873

Edge Monitor enhancement to clarify the difference between authorization code for installs and pin for two-factor authentication.


Hyper Scale setup may fail in password less ssh configuration.


[Enhancement] Supporting Email Preview with Original Attachment format support
Duplicate items may show up in the folder, if the ContentStore Email Viewer is in Lite Mode. ContentStore Email viewer may cause Outlook to hang
ContentStore: User unable to get authenticated when HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\FIPSAlgorithmPolicy\Enabled is set to 1


MAC Laptop prescan may not trigger a backup when certain contents are used


Webconsole may be unresponsive and need refresh after login.
Metrics upload files is failing.


Linux 1-Touch restore may fail to install Grub2 bootloader when used with multipath disks and /boot on XFS partition.
Linux 1-Touch restore may fail to install bootloader for UEFI machines.


Backup Date is not set for files with extended characters in their names.


SQL restore schedule may not save the "Drop Connections" option.


Orphan blocks may not get pruned even when we run Data Verification job with Space Reclamation option selected.

1860, 1861, 1863

Admin Console VM Group Information Graphs page may not display correctly in Polish language.


DDB Reconstruction after compaction of secondary files may fail.


Hide Included from Hotfix Pack SP15.1 (Mar 15, 2019)

Issue Hotfix

Getting csrf mismatch (400 errors) on drive.


Error when adding storage pool from storage pool details page.


File system restores might be slow


Red Hat Open Shift behind regkey

1851, 1852

Metrics query 240 for client details is failing when ''Client Geo Location'' attribute contains single quote in address.
Metrics query 129 for Peak Capacity Usage Growth report is failing with error "Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'AppSizeMB', table 'CVCloud.dbo.cf_SurveyAgentSize'".
Tape Library Growth report is incorrectly showing "No Data Available".
Metrics query 64, 129 and 141 are failing with [Invalid column name 'allAppSize'] error in v10 CommCells.

1848, 1849, 1850

Commcells listing page on cloud taking long time to load.

1846, 1847

Exchange mailbox & exchange mailbox classic column names may display wrongly in License summary Report.


Unicode client names dont show up correctly in job details page.

1843, 1845

/var may fill up and services on Hyperscale appliance may not start.


PDF export of SLA report is not working.


Restored emails which are restored from both Compliance Search (msg) and Outlook (xml with new feature) may have incorrect format

1840, 1841

HyperScale installation may hang when hosted engine deployment on remote node fails
Cvavahi still accepts bonding mode argument for set_blkid command


1-touch client recovery via a firewall may fail.


Made changes to fix sql errors in a setup where one or more clients have hotfix pack installed

1836, 1837

Remove unsupported restore destinations like cinder volumes in full VM restores for Openstack on Command Center.


1 touch restore with network configuration may fail


Enable backup will not work in subclient list. Plan is not listed in subclient tab.

1833, 1834

Nutanix File Scan crashing


Data aging job may complete with errors .

1827, 1829, 1830

Full VM restore from snap may result in a VM that is not bootable.


Vcenter association screen for vcloud during creation has dropdown and vcenter list.

1825, 1828

The restore job will fail if the user browses for Network and submits the job


Jobmanager scale fixes for VSA V2 jobs.


Restore speeds are noticeably slower than previous service packs.


In AdminConsole, while configuring replication group VMW to AWS, guest credentials option is not visible


email recalls using quick look preview generation may fail.


High CPU usage while getting count of failed jobs.

1819, 1820, 1824

[Enhancement] Supporting Email Preview with Original Attachment format support


Third party migration workflow may not fail on errors.


AG instance can be put as live sync schedule destination. But those schedule actually are invalid ones (schedule job will fail).


Some columns of the web job summary report details table are not giving the correct data.


CSV based metrics collection reports error "Failed to launch sql command for metrics query "


Mongo DB backup job may incorrectly commit a job.


CS registration fails for MA only case using python UI


Openshift VSA fixes for compilation warnings


GPFS Backup may fail when GPFS snapshot is enabled


Exchange online backup job may not complete


User might see broken breadcrumbs while browsing a VM for restore
User would see incorrect action string for file indexing on vm groups list


Disks are not listed under a node in admin console


Move DDB jobs may not complete during horizontal expansion


Remove insecure SSH ciphers reported in Nessus scan.


Network configuration through setupsds failed


Upgrade of OS on HyperScale nodes may fail.


Edge Monitor app shortcut may be created by default even though the option was deselected in install.


GlusterFS backup may fail


Report schedules are failing in load balanced configuration.

1793, 1810

Snapshots may not be deleted during a prune operation.


Push install job may fail at the client group level.

1797, 1798

Oracle VM VSA AppAware backups might fail to backup the application.


SAP HANA snap backups using Azure engine fails to fetch transient metadata in engine layer.